Thai Restaurants in Dubai

If you live in a bigger town, then there is a high chance you have already tasted Thai or other South-East Asian foods. Whether you did or not, there is no reason why you should not try some of the best Thai restaurants in Dubai. Due to the high number of Thai and Indonesian immigrants, who come to seek a better life in Dubai, there is a wide offer of Thai restaurants over here. All you need to do is to look for a map and to read this article to get some more information.

There are many cuisines all over the world, which are simply great. One of the finest examples is the Arabic cuisine, which is colourful, has all sorts of food on offer and the tastes are very authentic, quite brilliant. Now, Thai cuisine is one of the best cuisines in the world. While the Arabic cuisine mainly works with clear tastes, in a Thai food, you can taste about ten sorts of flavours at the same time. The Thai food is just like its people: beautiful, sweet but sour, mysterious and really multiple sided. Therefore, if you have not been to Thailand before, you should really visit the country. In addition, while you are in Dubai you can find some great Thai places and Thai restaurants, which will really make you feel as if you were in Thailand.

First, there are so many Thai specialities that it would fill a book to write about all of them. So most importantly Thai cuisine is great containing many fresh foods making it ideal to eat when hot. Try to choose more dishes at once or at least two menus, so you can have a bit of more dishes. Try the shrimp soup a Thai speciality. Another thing: Thai people love to use chilli, if you do not like hot tastes, let the waiter know. So, let us see where to go to see the best Thai restaurants in Dubai:

This is one of the most economical Thai Restaurants but not at the price of quality. Therefore, this place is surely a must-visit. Try the ginger tea! The restaurant is located in Oud Metha district.

Pai Thai
This restaurant is located at a frequented place, which makes it all the easier to find. Just go to Madinat Jumeirah, where you can visit the Pai Thai and enjoy some great Thai meals looking at the very own river of Madinat Jumeirah. Attention! It is a very romantic place!

You will find this beautiful restaurant, if you visit the Le Meridien Hotel in Garhoud, Dubai. A great place for a culinary exploration, Sukhotai has wide offers of all sorts of Thai food, Try the dish called “Royal Thai”!

Located in Dusit Thani Dubai, this is the place to be, if you would like to enjoy a real Thai atmosphere with live Thai music. Benjarong is famous for its wide variety of starters and desserts so do not miss this place, if you like the Asian cuisine.

These were the finest examples of the best Thai restaurants in Dubai. Of course, you can find many more Thai restaurants in the international Karama district and in the Dubai Festival City, which is really the place where all cultures meet. Thai buffets are to be found in many shopping malls as well, where you can taste a great Thai sandwich as well.

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