The Amazing Dubai Gold Jewellery

Dubai gold jewellery shopping

In the Middle East, Dubai is called the City of Gold and there is a good reason behind it. The area has long been very famous for its quality gold and for its fine quality golden jewellery. The Arabic golden manufactory had very old traditions to look back on. In addition, Dubai has always liked gold, and Dubai gold was always appreciated among the high quality special metals, so it is no wonder that today, the highest number of jewellery stores in the world can be found in Dubai. Let us see the story of the Dubai gold a little more in depth.

Gold is one of the most ancient materials that were always used for making jewellery. Arabic crafts are very well known all over the world, with all the beauty in their arts of crafting. For this reason, Arabic jewellery is known to bring a great way of chiselled luxury for its wearer. Dubai has many world famous jewellery brands, which sell gold to all the neighbouring areas. India on the other hand has always had good relations with the Middle East and no wonder that their old history in merchandising has brought them together in gold trading as well. Today, there are many Indian jewellery brands, some getting highly prestigious which follow in the footsteps of Dubai jewellers, becoming an important segment of Dubai’s jewellery industry.

The metropolis and sheikhdom in one wants to bring its gold and diamond industry to higher levels. Having first gotten rich and famous for their beautiful pearl then the black gold the oil, Dubai knows that multitasking brings a greater power in its industry and puts high efforts into reviving its Gold and jewellery trading. The brand new Dubai Gold and Diamond Park also serves this reason, giving place for everyone and anyone who is dealing with the manufacturing or the merchandising of gold and gemstones, especially diamond. The Dubai Gold and Diamond Park is a very unique and highly protected installation area where jewellery manufacturing happens and many wholesalers and manufacturers have already set their foot in order to bring their business into being totally tax-free which is Dubai’s biggest weapon against the other famous jewellery trading nations in the world.

If you would like to see the famous Dubai gold, you do not have to go too far. You can see jewellery stores everywhere in the city; in fact, you could hardly avoid them after all. Moreover, for the ultimate golden shine, you must pay a visit to Deira, which houses the one and only gold souk of such size in the world, the famous Gold Souk of Dubai. Here, you will see streets full of jewellery stores only, right next to each other. They sell all sorts of golden and silver jewellery from small to high quantities. Even the most prominent jewellery houses have their headquarters over here and there is hardly any jewellery that you would not be able to find over here.

Gold and jewellery has a great effect on tourism and it works the other way too, as the jewellery industry of Dubai has a tremendous income out of all the jewellery bought by foreigners. Dubai gold is high quality and the jewellery made out of it is often breathtakingly beautiful, so it makes sure that Dubai gold will stay as famous as it has always used to be, if not more.

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