The Beauty of Fashion Forms Adhesive Bras

Fashion Forms has a number of adhesive bras. The best selling adhesive bras are the Adhesive Body Bra, Strapless Alternative, Staykups, Extreme Silicone Adhesive Bra and the Extreme Silicone Cleavage Clasp Bra. The Adhesive Body Bra has silicone adhesive cups and is available in nude and sheer. This is a golden opportunity for women who love experimenting with fashionable outfits. The cups are padded giving you invisible support and at the same time are equipped with a push up function. The outer material is made of polyester, while the cups are line only with silicone on the inside. The size range covers A to D cups and even reaches up to DD cup size.

Staykups are beautifully shaped Fashion Forms adhesive bras. They are strapless, backless, self-supporting, adhesive bra cups. The bra has a molded and smooth appearance and provides firm support. When worn the effect is seamless. One has to be discreet about their underwear in low-cut, off the shoulder or even strapless outfits.

The Extreme Silicone Adhesive Bra allows you to position the bra where you need the support. This bra can be worn up to six times if all the instructions are followed correctly. If you want complete coverage for your breasts, it is better to use a larger size or even use two cups on one breast. This will help maximizing the bra to get fuller breasts. This Fashion Forms adhesive bra is available in nude color in A, B, C and D cup sizes. This bra should not be worn by women with sensitive skin or those with skin disorders.

Strapless Alternative is yet another Fashion Forms adhesive bra. This bra too has preshaped cups to cover the breasts perfectly. This allows you pull off backless, strapless, low cut, halter, prom, bridal and knits with perfect ease. Your silhouette never looked as discreet and firm as before. Get this bra in black and nude from A-D cup sizes.

The Extreme Silicone Cleavage Clasp Bra is the only Fashion Forms adhesive bra with a clasp. This gives the added advantage of a cleavage as opposed to the other adhesive bras by the brand. The bra sizes in A, B, C and D cup can be positioned in any way you want to get the degree of cleavage that you need for an outfit. It can be worn up to 6 times when all the instructions are followed carefully.

The brand recommends its users to follow instructions closely before trying on the Fashion Forms adhesive bra. The most important factor in comfortable usage is to do a trial run well before the event you are going to attend. In this way you can determine whether this product is meant for your skin type or not. While wearing this bra, the cups have to be pressed gently on to the breasts to secure it firmly. At the time of removal, hold your skin and slowly peel of the bra. The silicone of the bra has to be washed with mild soap after removal and has to be stored in the wax paper. If any silicone residue remains on the skin, remove it with mild baby oil.

In Dubai, shopping for Fashion Forms adhesive bras is a breeze, thanks to the city’s upscale boutiques and renowned department stores. You can explore a wide selection of these innovative bras at popular shopping destinations like The Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, and City Centre Deira, where luxury lingerie and intimate apparel retailers often stock Fashion Forms products. Additionally, dedicated lingerie boutiques across the city, including those in Jumeirah and Al Barsha, offer a range of Fashion Forms options to cater to different preferences and styles. Prices may vary depending on the specific model and features, but you can typically find a selection of Fashion Forms adhesive bras in Dubai starting at around 100 AED (approximately 27 USD) and upwards, depending on the style and materials. Dubai’s diverse shopping scene ensures that you have ample opportunities to find the perfect Fashion Forms adhesive bra to enhance your style and confidence.

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