The Best Destinations for Necklaces in Dubai

necklaces shopping in Dubai

If you are in Dubai and you thinking of getting some great jewellery for you or friends or family members, then Dubai is the best place for you to do so. Necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings, rings are so easy to find over here. They offer the best quality and in great quantity and variety, you will not believe your eyes when you go shopping. Your first stop should be the Dubai Gold Souk at Deira, then carry on with your shopping tour, and visit the most famous jewellery houses in Dubai.

At the Gold Souk, you can buy discounted necklaces, and train your negotiation skills, which is a fun hobby of locals. You will see how much fun is shopping over here. You will see hundreds of types of different shiny necklaces. At the end, your eyes will hurt from the sight of so much gold, gold and gold all over the place. Gold Souk is really worth its name, and no wonder this is the most popular souk out of all souks in Dubai.

The biggest houses of jewellery, Damas Jewellery and Samra Jewellery have lots of brand shops and shops that also sell their quality and beautiful designed jewellery. These mentioned manufacturers have one of the best quality materials in the international jewellery market. Damas Jewellery is so big that it has its branches all over the Middle East and India. Samra Jewellery has one of the best offers on diamond jewellery. If you would like to buy a beautiful necklace or a set, then get it from here as they sell the most quality pieces. Samra also distributes jewellery online. Therefore, all you need to do is to see their great variety of the best jewels and you can get it, even online if you feel like.

Being one of the most prestigious jewellery manufacturers, Taiba Jewellery also offers great collection of jewellery designs. Taiba is also famous for its Big Ring, which is in the book of Guinness World Records as the world’s heaviest gold ring, made out of 21K.

The shops and jewellery of these famous manufacturers can be found in several jewellery shops, not only in their brand shops. Just ask after them in case you happen to be in one of the huge shopping malls of Dubai that, without doubt houses many jewellery stores, selling the most beautifully designed rings, necklaces and the most expensive watches in the world.

Therefore, when you start your shopping tour in Dubai, aim to buy some, or one of the most beautifully formed necklaces. On the first day of your shopping tour, go to Deira and visit the stores of Gold Souk. It is also good for you to know more about the average prices. Then, on the next day take a visit to the shopping centres like Emirates Mall, which houses dozens of jewellery shops. Do not do this shopping in one day if possible. The offer is so wide that it needs more time. Necklaces are best sold in the brand jewellery stores of Dubai.

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