The Best Dubai Sightseeing Tours

If you are lucky to visit Dubai, then do not miss the chance to take part in a Dubai sightseeing tour. Not only will this tour help you with your future excursions in this remarkable town, but also a Dubai sightseeing tour will teach you a lot more about the life, culture and the people of Dubai.

Usually they say, that sightseeing tour is only for those who are not likely to spend much time with sightseeing during the rest of their holidays, but it is not entirely true. Sightseeing tour is great for everyone, because it represents a collection of the best sites. You will see how to get into each interesting part of Dubai individually, later on. Also with the help of a sightseeing tour, you will know where to get the best deals, where are the best places to go for a shopping tour, which are the most notable sites of Dubai, and in what way. Overall, a Dubai sightseeing tour will be fun and will supply you with a bunch of information about Dubai. The guide will also share many historical and cultural details on which you might not be able to know from any of your Baedekers.

There are usually two main types of Dubai sightseeing tours, and now we do not take the specific tours, like the desert safaris. One type is the half-day Dubai sightseeing tour, the other is the full-day Dubai sightseeing tour. If you take part in a full-day tour, you will have greater chances to see Dubai, this huge city. The half-day sightseeing tour is ideal for those, who would like to get an overall picture of Dubai, and by this, they can later on decide which places they will visit individually later on.

Talking about the best sites to visit in Dubai, the half-day Dubai sightseeing tour will take you around town, first stopping by the iconic Burj Al Arab, then continuing tour to the Jumeirah area, with its skyscraper jungles and amazing beach stopping by the Jumeirah Mosque. The Jumeirah is not the only beautiful mosque but certainly looks great and it is currently the only mosque in Dubai, having guided tours inside. The tour then goes on to the Medina (old town centre) called Bur Dubai, with its beautiful narrow streets and traditional houses. The next stop will be at the Dubai Museum that houses by the oldest building of Dubai, the enormous Al Fahidi Fort. Then tourists will get the chance to try the water-taxi, called the “Abra” in order to visit the other side of the Dubai Creek, which is still the Medina part of Dubai, called Deira. It is very famous for its traditional souks or marketplaces. You can find anything that you might wish to buy from spice to gold ware. This is more than enough for a half-day excursion and it will surely leave you with beautiful memories. The full-day Dubai sightseeing tour contains more free time for tourists, also giving them chance to take part in a dhow cruise at the end of the day.

Nowadays, a trendy form of Dubai sightseeing tour is the hop on/hop off type of tour. This tour lets you decide freely on what you would like to see and what you would not. The bad side of this tour is that you really cannot form a true opinion, without actually seeing a site. So, if it is your first time in Dubai, attend the “old-school” way of Dubai sightseeing tour, and then you will have a great time while getting to know Dubai and you can even make some new friends!

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