The Best Places to Buy Carpets in Dubai

Shopping of carpets is a great deal over here in Dubai, as it is in most Arabic countries. Both Arabic people and tourists, especially women have great passion for local handmade carpets, and everyone tries to get the best quality at the cheapest prices during shopping of carpets in Dubai.

When it comes to Dubai, all shopping is quite easy over here, but if you want to watch out your costs and still make some great deals, then do as is written here, and do not be afraid to make a little negotiation. First, you will not get the average prices anywhere, as you are a tourist. You cannot change this fact. However, you can get good deals especially if you are brave to negotiate even in Dubai.

If you feel like going on a shopping tour to see the biggest offer of local handmade carpets, the first spot to look for in Dubai is the souk district of Deira, which is the biggest and cheapest marketplace of Dubai. Here, you can see fantastic offers of basically everything, ranging from food to furniture, carpets and other handmade decorations and all the copper ware too, so you will have a great chance to see some of the beautiful handmade Arabic carpets one of the most favourite souvenir that one can take back home from Dubai.

Dubai, as all Arabic people like all the colourful carpets, not to mention the great offer of praying carpets which are exclusively used for pray, but can also make a decoration on the wall. The carpets are an important part of interior design. Arabic people love carpets, the decoration and used colours of which differ from region to region.

The other suitable shopping spot of carpets in Dubai, along with other household stuff is the Karama district. This expat area is inhabited by mainly Indian and Pakistani expats, but is the main expat area as the flat rental prices are the best over here, and they all sell their imported goods, like carpets for good rates. If you want to buy cheap but mainly good quality goods, then go visit the Karama districts to see some nice Indian or Pakistani carpets as well. They not only sell Indian carpets, but also local goods arrive here, new or slightly used carpets and furniture. Most importantly, the offer is so huge that you will feel to get lost among the hundreds of carpets, curtains and furniture exhibited over here. This district is located on the shore of Dubai Creek and it is very easy to reach from either Deira or from any part of the Dubai Creek, by getting on a water-taxi.

Of course, then you can take a carpet-searching tour to Jumeirah district, the New Dubai, where the best spot for carpets to visit includes the Madinat Jumeirah, a souk-like installation mainly for the tourists. Although, the place is not cheap, yet you can get some clue on the overall offers and on the prices.

Every Dubai shopping mall has shops offering carpets, but the prices are so much high that people usually do not get to buy such things over here; anyhow, it would worsen the feeling. Dubai Carpet shopping is a traditional souk–thing. You can see many beautiful colourful carpets that will make shopping easy; only do not forget to remember the fact that you have to bring them all back home!

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