The Best Rides of Wild Wadi

Experience the thrill of Wild Wadi rides in Dubai! With heart-pumping water slides, high-speed attractions, and breathtaking scenery, Wild Wadi is the ultimate destination for adventure-seekers. Soak in the sun, feel the rush, and make unforgettable memories at Wild Wadi.

Wild Wadi Rides are popular among the young as well as the old equally. This is the place where everyone can enjoy the rides and slides. Here are some glimpses of the most popular rides:

Breakers Bay:
This is the largest wave pool that you can find in the Middle East. There is no age restriction to enjoy in this pool, where waves are almost 1.5 meters high. Security is provided free in the form of free jackets to all the guests. Children and infants are allowed but under parental supervision.

Flood River:
This is all fun in 100,000 liters of water. Swimmers enjoy in the wave, which are over 1 meters in height. Like in Bakers bay, there is no restriction on age of the swimmers, but to keep infants and toddlers safe, parental supervision is made mandatory. Lifejackets are available free of cost, as protection for the guests.

Ring Rides:
Ring rides are quite popular among all the Wild Wadi Rides, as they are downhill rides. People can sit in a double or a single ring to enjoy this fun ride, which goes down below the slope. There are other adrenalin gushing thrilling modifications of this ride, which include Rushing Rapids, Tunnel of Doom, Falcon Fury, Tumble Falls and other similar kinds of fun rides. However, guests who have heart ailments or darkness phobia, should restrict themselves from these rides. There are some other restrictions also for this ride – do not forget to check these out before you get the tickets.

Master Blaster:
Wild Wadi Rides master blaster slides are best described as water roller coasters. In this ride, the participants can sit in a single or a double ring, which are propelled upwards with the help of high powered jets. These rides are Flood River Flyer, Wadi Leap, White Water Wadi, Falaj Fury, Wadi Twister and Wadi Basher. There are certain height restrictions for the rides for the guests. Do not forget to know more about the restrictions before you go ahead.

Jumeirah Sceirah:
In this fun ride, you will know how it feels when you are restless. This is a speed ride and hurtles all the guests down the ride at a speed of 80km per hour. The height from which it hurtles down is 33 meters. Since a great height is involved, there is some restriction for this ride also and it is better to check out these restrictions before you decide to go for this ride.

Another interesting ride of the several Wild Wadi Rides is the flowrider. This can be your best and ultimate surfing experience and you are sure to have a blast for life. Surfers get a thrilling wave effect which is just perfect for the adventure sports lovers who are fond of knee boarding and body boarding. There are some restrictions for these rides also.

Juha’s Dhow:
This is another popular ride among the other Wild Wadi rides, which makes your fun unforgettable. This can be the perfect family getaway, where they can have hours of fun surfing the waters and enjoying some of the best colorful body rides. Spend some happy fun with your family at the excellent water park in Dubai.

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