Splash into Fun at Wild Wadi Waterpark in Dubai

The exotic city of Dubai is a multi-faceted tourist destination. Apart from the regular “must-see” visits to the malls and sites that adorn this Emirate, Wild Wadi Dubai offers a totally different mode of fun and enjoyment to its tourists. Middle East’s best water theme park, Wild Wadi Water Park has broken records the world over. The rides at the park are not only gravity-defying, but they also send thrills down the spines of their guests. The water park is situated in Jumeirah, a few minutes away from the centre of the city.
Wild Wadi Dubai is known for its stunning slides and rides that allow guests to break free from all fears and inhibitions. Master Blaster rides are nothing but uphill roller coaster rides which involves guests to be sent up in the air up to a height of 15 meters by high-powered jets of water. The guests are ideally seated in a single or a double ring for these rides. Guests can take their pick from 8 rides like the Jebel Lookout, Flood River Flyer, White Water Wadi, Hos’N Hurler, Falaj Fury, Wadi Twister, Wadi Basher and Wadi Leap.

The thrills continue with Ring Rides. They are the downhill slides of Wild Wadi. Here, five slides set people lose as they speed down from great heights. They include Falcon Fury, Thunder Rapids, Tunnel of Doom, Tumble Falls and Rushing Rapids. Tantrum Alley takes the park’s guests to another level of excitement. This ride has 2 large downhill slides and 3 tornadoes. As four guests travel downwards in a tube, they are sent through the first tornado where the tube moves back and forth several times before they are pushed into the eye of the storm. Once they are out, the guests meet with the third tornado and then land into the pool.

Burj Surj is one of the places in the park which offers a wonderful view of the surroundings, but not for long. Once seated in the tube, guests speed downhill and then fall into a bowl where the tube spins about till it splashes into the pool. Jumeirah Sceirah is a gigantic slide that reaches a height of 108 feet and it is intimidating enough to send the most daring souls running for cover. The courageous few slide down the 33 meters at an unimaginable speed of 80 kmph. It is the tallest and fast free-fall slide outside North America.

If you are tired of the slides, you can move over to the wave pools of Wild Wadi Dubai. Breaker’s Bay, Wipeout and Riptide are this water park’s pools which offer adventure sports like surfing and body boarding to the guests. Surfing enthusiasts all over the world are known to frequent Middle East’s largest pool – Breaker’s Bay, which produces parallel and crossing waves. Since Saturdays are meant only for families, children can enjoy to their heart’s content at Juha’s Dhow and Lagoon. Once you are done cheating the laws of gravity, enjoy a short cruise up the park’s river with Juha’s Journey.

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