The Bride Show

Being a bride is a great thing in the Arabic world. The traditional Arabic weddings are beautiful, so if you get to see one accidentally while you are staying in Dubai, then it is a great luck for you. The Bridge Show puts emphasis on the beauty of being a bride and getting married. Moreover, if you get to visit a souk where you can see all the wonderful materials for bridal kaftans, then you will know that The Bride Show Dubai has a lot to show, a wide range of all the beautiful wedding gowns.

For knowing more about Muslim wedding and the importance of The Bride Show, let us talk about the Muslim way of wedding. For Muslim people, marriage plays one of the most important roles in their lives. Being a Muslim bride is a great and valuable thing. In order to represent the high value of getting married, all the wedding garments made for a bride in a Muslim country really do cost a fortune, but gifts the bride with dresses that are all unbelievably beautiful.

During a Muslim wedding, the bride traditionally changes her wedding garments from four to seven times! Knowing this, we can count how long before they need to get prepared for the wedding, for all the beautiful wedding dresses to be done by a tailor. Traditionally, local tailors make all the kaftans and good quality Muslim dresses.

We should not undermine the importance of tailors in the making of any dress. We know, what we buy in the stores often do not fit; that is why, to avoid all these problems, Muslims get most of their dresses done by a tailor, especially the women.

The Bride Show Dubai aims to represent the most beautiful collection of bridal garments of the Arabic world. A great quantity of bridal dress fashion designers arrive to attend this event, together with lots of businesspersons who work in the textile industry. Therefore, this occasion is great for them to negotiate about future co-operations, also for the retail businesspersons to exhibit their collection of the best quality textiles, specifically for the making of wedding or bridal gowns.

Even Dubai could not escape from the cultural effects of the West and the Western way of bridal gowns. During the Arabic weddings, there is one traditional gown made in a more western fashion and in white colour. During the Bride Show Dubai, we can see bridal gown wonders made by talented local and international upcoming or already world famous designers. All the accessories also come to representation in high numbers during The Bride Show.

The Bride Show has two events held every year, starting from February. One event is held in Abu Dhabi, the capital and leading city of the United Arab Emirates, the other show is held in Dubai, due to its leading importance in the cultural and business life of the Emirates. The event lasts for four days.

The Bride Show is also a great event because it gives women a chance to watch a great programme. Additionally, women designers get important role over here, along with the women members of the royal families of Dubai. Therefore, to top it all, its women world, and this way, it puts emphasis on the high role of women in the society of Dubai. The Date of next year’s The Bride Show is from 4 February to 7 February. So book your ticket in advance, an event you cannot miss!

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