The Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall unquestionably holds many world records. Dubai Mall is currently the biggest ever-shopping centre in the whole world. In addition, it houses the biggest aquarium ever made in the world. Besides all this, Dubai Mall is a very pleasant mall to be in; you can spend more than a day there. Dubai Mall gives you this chance, having a hotel also as part of the mall for all those who cannot resist spending even more time in this very special mall.

Dubai Mall has been built as part of the Burj Khalifa complex, with the Burj Khalifa being the biggest building in the world, also having the wonderful Dubai Fountain as part of this great attraction of Dubai. Dubai Mall had first opened its doors to the public in 2008, already causing a huge success among all the locals and visitors of this sheikhdom. The Dubai Mall is so famous, that also motivated tour operators, to organize their specific shopping tours to this mall. The shopping tours are the best for those who do not have much time to spend with shopping. It is also good for those, who are in transit, and have plenty of time that they do not know how to spend.

Dubai by far has it all, being the Las Vegas and the Manhattan of the Middle East housing such attractions already, which the world has never seen before. It is just the beginning, as Dubai is prepared to build some more unbelievable wonders, in order to give all, a total entertainment to its visitors and inhabitants. The Dubai Mall has many attractions inside. Not only does it include shops of the best fashion brands in the world, but also has inside theme parks for the children, from small children to teenagers. Everyone will find the best program for himself or herself over here.

One of the biggest and most popular attractions to visit inside the Dubai Mall is the Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, housing the greatest collection of sea and water-animals, from fishes to mammals. Located on two floors, one can spend a whole day in the Aquarium itself that is inside the Dubai Mall. In addition, it offers an unforgettable attraction to all the lovers of sweets as it has the largest candy shop in the whole world. So, let us hope there are also some dentists there nearby.

Dubai Mall also houses the SEGA Republic, a great playing zone for everyone who is into computer games. Here you can find all types of virtual and non-virtual computer games. SEGA has currently the most computer games on the market. Therefore, you can find almost all games over here. It is a great place for kids and geeks. The mall also have many sports facilities, gyms, swimming pools and in addition a huge ice-rink where often skate courses and several competitions are also held.

This large mall is in the very centre of New Dubai, so even when you get out of the mall, you can have a great time in the city. However, Dubai Mall will does all its best, to keep you inside with the largest-ever variety of its shops and attractions.

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