The House of David Morris Jewelry

The House of David Morris jewelry goes much beyond fashion and style to jewelry that is elegant and graceful. The company was created in 1950 and ever since their brand has always been considered as a benchmark in excellence in the field of jewellery.

David Morris was a goldsmith who began his career in 1959. By the year 1962 he had won two Diamond International awards which prompted him to open his first jewelry store in London. He was roped in to design jewellery for James Bond movies which put him into the limelight. He opened his concessions in a number of departmental stores such as Harrods and Selfridges. He opened his boutiques in a number of places in other countries such as Doha, Dubai, and Moscow.

The company of David & Morris has been instrumental in creating a variety of beautiful, exquisite, and exotic jewelry similar to Dubai jewellery to suit you for every occasion. Their creations include engagement rings, rings, necklaces, bangles, earrings, sets, collections, and watches.

Some of the items in their collections include rose-cut diamond collection of small hoop earrings, bangles and rose-cut bands set in rose gold in white diamond surround. A white diamond necklace and matching earrings makes up the Circle d’Amour collection.

A rose-cut white, yellow, and pink diamond floral pendant with white, pink, and yellow matching diamond floral-drop earrings and matching diamond flower cluster-drop earrings goes to form the intricate Flora Collection.

The Bon-Bon collection has two sets – blue, pink, and purple sapphire bridette in a white diamond set, and the other has green, purple, and pink bridette in a white diamond set.

David Morris is confident that their jewellery collection will look as exquisite and beautiful 200 years from now as it does today. What more can you ask?

David Morris jewellery stores are located in the Wafi Mall and The Dubai Mall. Explore the latest collection near to you!

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