The Magnificent Forevermark Collection

Forevermark is today the seller of the highest quality diamond jewellery all around the world. Forevermark diamonds go through the roughest evaluation tests in order for the best quality stones to be included in Forevermark’s exclusive collections. The world famous brand has established great connections with Dubai’s biggest brand, the Damas Jewellery and the two companies have decided to cooperate. The contract between Damas Jewellery and Forevermark was born and since then, Damas acts as the sole seller of Forevermark Jewellery.

In order to get to know more about the history of Forevermark, we need to learn more, about the history and politics of the world’s diamond mining which has started in Middle and South Africa in the 1800’s and which has been exclusively and solely ruled by the De Beers Group for over centuries. De Beers has not only had control on the African diamond mines but was also the one who controlled the world’s entire diamond trading activity, with every single diamond stone, which was to be sold, going through its hands. Founded by the world famous Cecil Rhodes, who was the first to explore and realise the importance of diamonds in Africa De Beers group was for a long time the world’s richest and most powerful trading company, thanks to the hard work of Ernest Oppenheimer. The centre of De Beers can be founded in Antwerp, which is the capital of diamond trading for a long time. The monopoly of De Beers Group has ended in the beginning of the 21st century with the newfound presence of Canadian and Russian diamond resources. The group had decided to lose its monopoly control over diamond trading, though still considered the largest and strongest diamond mining and trading groups with its centres in Zimbabwe and South Africa controlling the majority of diamond trading in the world. De Beers has also recently decided to come out as a jewellery brand, to sell its high profile diamonds directly. Diamond trading can thank a lot for De Beers, which also includes the whole quality system on how to determine a diamond’s exact quality. This today is called the 4C’s.

De Beers Group today operates two leading brands when it comes to selling outstanding diamond jewellery, with one being De Beers and the other being Forevermark. Forevermark today is the seller of the highest quality white diamonds in the world, which do not even make the 1% of the world’s diamonds today that take part in jewellery and diamond trading. Forevermark works with its own system of diamond setting and offers fantastic bridal and exclusive diamond collections, such as the Millemoi, the Encordia and the Bridal. The brand’s newest development is the offering of customised diamond jewellery. In Dubai, the jewellery of Forevermark is highly celebrated and it is among the most expensive collections of Damas Jewellery.

Therefore, you can only find Forevermark jewellery in the stores of Damas Les Exclusives, situated in the luxurious Dubai Shopping malls and Dubai hotels and outside of Dubai, operating in all the Gulf countries, with the inclusion of Turkey, Pakistan, and Thailand, soon to be followed by England. When you are in Dubai, do not miss the chance to visit one of the Damas Les Exlusives stores to see the wonderful diamonds of Forevermark, represented in extremely beautiful jewellery designs.

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