The Most Popular Jewellery Watches

Jewellery watches are such types of watches, which rather prioritise the item being jewellery on the first place. Several first class watchmakers deal with the production of beautiful jewellery watches of all sorts of course especially for women. Jewellery watches are quite popular in Dubai and especially the two biggest Dubai retailers Damas Jewellery and Ahmed Seddiqi and Sons offer most of these luxury items.

There are several types of jewellery watches on offer by the various biggest luxury watchmakers. Jewellery watches range from those sorts where watches are even hidden, to the sorts where the watches themselves are decorated with the highest number of diamonds and other coloured gemstones. Nowadays, it is rather the second category that is emphasised as watches themselves too are considered as a jewellery piece in many cases. Nowadays luxury watch makers make even their most complicated watches with gold, white gold and rose gold and they include diamonds of all sorts on the dial of watches. The biggest brands, such as Audemars Piquet, Baume & Mercier, Jaeger LeCoultre, Piaget, Patek Philippe, Longines and Chopard all put an extreme emphasis to decorate their watches with diamonds, gold and gold alloys. This is the highest style of watch making.

Jewellery watches are also favoured by the top designer houses, such as Chanel, Armani or Versace. In some of their pieces diamonds are either decorating the rim of the watch itself or they are included within the place. In Dubai, next to the biggest Dubai retailers, Damas and Seddiqi Jewelleries, Rivoli Stores are also playing an important role in the local luxury watch dealing, offering brands such as Breguet, Jaeger LeCoultre and Longines luxury brands. Rich Dubai locals go crazy for getting the best collections of jewellery watches; therefore, Dubai is among the biggest international watch retailers of the region.

Today the most expensive jewellery watches come from Swiss watchmakers, such as Piaget or Patek Philippe. Here you can see really great artistic jewellery watches many of which only come in limited numbers as they are all handmade which doesn’t let them to be manufactured in a higher amount. Of course, limited collections have been those, which are the most expensive of all. Piaget designs the most unbelievably beautiful jewellery watch designs with the including of mainly diamonds, painting decorations and great designs. Specialised jewellery watch makers include the Swiss De Laneau who‘s been always specialised in jewellery watch making, Varotti, Perellet, Sarcar. Other watchmakers have their solid watch making section. The most beautiful jewellery watches we can also find in the collections of Rolex, Omega, Parmigiani and Vacheron Constantin. Some of the most prominent jewellery makers have their beautiful watches collections, such as Cartier, Bvlgari or Chopard. Seddiqi also has a specific Dubai collection including several jewellery watches too.

Jewellery watches do not have to be the most accurate watches in the world because they were not made to be complicated but to be jewellery on the first place. If you are looking for being timelessly elegant then go for the watches decorated with diamonds. Some types nowadays also contain watches decorated with worthy crystals, such as Swarovski crystals, which make the value of the watch closer to the diamond watches. Of course too many gemstones included in a watch is always a risky business, therefore nowadays the saying “ less is more” applies in most cases, which means jewellery watches are like normal watches with extravagant designs and gemstones only used in order to emphasise the watch itself.

In Dubai, you can find the best jewellery watches stores in the Dubai Mall; however, you will find Rivoli and Seddiqi stores in each bigger shopping malls of Dubai containing the biggest variety of all sorts of jewellery watches.

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