The Popular VIX Swimwear Brand in Dubai

Vix Swimwear is a beautiful tale of the now-designer Paula Hermanny, who through her origins has spend half her life in Brazil. The VIX brand name is also derived from the name of the beach of the beautiful city of Vitoria. The young designer learned fashion from both of her grandmothers, one of them a naturally born elegant American while the other from the exotic and lively Brazil. Both of them have given her so much that she wanted to share her knowledge of style with the world.

Brazilian people love dance, music, fun and the water above all. That is why all collections of VIX Swimwear mirror a light Latin-American style with colours, elegance yet not taking themselves too seriously. VIX Swimwear represents the effortlessly elegant beach style. The brand offers beachwear, from swimsuits to Bikini and Brazilian Bikini, all sorts of beach dresses, which in Brazil or California can be freely worn out on the street as well. VIX Swimwear also sells beach shoes, flip-flops and summer accessories that look great and exotic with swimwear. You can feel and touch Brazil in these collections, and that is what makes them so outstanding and different.

The designer and manager of VIX, Paula Hermanny collected her inspirations from Brazil to the sunny beaches of France and Spain. She visualises her collections through a leading detail always. Due to this reason of having much heart in her collections, it is very famous all over the United States, opening up also in Dubai, thanks to the bit demand for quality swimwear on the market. The designer lives in the most beautiful part of California, called La Jolla, which offers a wonderful site for inspiration as well.

In real, the designing of swimwear is somewhat understated in the fashion world, though its importance only comes out, when you are to buy swimwear and passing dress and shoes actually. The market of quality swimwear is not that big when we are thinking of great swimwear. VIX Swimwear is currently among the freshest, most modern designs. One more thing to note: the brand only designs women’s beachwear. Although all collections are available to buy on the internet, still it is better to see them with your own eyes and try them on.

Of course, in Dubai, you can find several brands, all the important ones globally. You can choose out of the collections in the Debenhams, the Marks & Spencer, the H&M and we could go on. However, there are only a very few brands that deal with the designing of swimwear exclusively. For the most expensive brands, you can look around in the Harvey Nichols or in the Saks Fifth Avenue, or any big shopping centres will do. For the economical brands, you can even go for a walk around the souk. In the designs of Vix Swimwear, you will surely find what you were looking for in beachwear.

You may find the elegantly sexy VIX swimwear in two shops in Dubai: Aiyanna Women’s Apparel at Jumeirah Beach Residence, Harvey Nichols in the Mall of the Emirates. VIX Swimwear guarantees the best swimwear and beachwear for you.

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