The Top Dubai Jewelers

Dubai is a great city for all sorts of luxury products and therefore it is a very special city of all those who would like to browse and buy great quality gold, diamond, platinum and silver jewellery. The variety of jewelry you can get to see in Dubai just cannot be imagined without actually seeing it. In our article we would like to introduce you to some of the best Dubai jewelers and jewelry brands, together with the best places you should start your hunting for high quality jewelry.

The first place we would like to introduce you is a very special place, which is also one of the biggest tourist attractions of Dubai that no one should miss. This place is the Dubai Gold Souk, located in Deira. The specialty is this place is jewelry just everywhere. The small area of Gold Souk houses around 350 jewelry stores and the gleam of pure gold are amazing to see. The place is the hub for all Dubai jewelers. Do not let yourself be fooled by the luxury stores in the elegant shopping malls. It is the Dubai Gold Souk where every single Dubai jewelry brands are based and you can therefore find the stores of all Dubai jewelers within the Gold Souk of Deira. The best Dubai jewelers, Damas, Pure Gold, Joyalukkas, Taiba, Atlas and so-so many brands more which offer just fantastic collections of jewelry for all visitors. Dubai jewelers in the Dubai Gold Souk offer their goods with nice discounts, moreover you can also haggle in Dubai Gold Souk the best, this way saving money for you and offering some great time for the store owners, who in real love haggling. Dubai Gold Souk is also full of brands, Indian and Arabic all the same, which you cannot find elsewhere than in the Gold Souk this way the souk is also an exclusive place for many brands offering either their own or also huge collections of imported gold jewellery.

No matter you are looking for gold, platinum, white gold or silver jewelry you can find them all in the Dubai Gold Souk located at Deira, in the old town part of Dubai, just by the great river of Dubai, the Dubai Creek. The Dubai Gold Souk is the real specialty of Dubai that you just cannot find anywhere else in the world, maybe apart from Turkey, the other gold hub of the world. Deira Gold Souk has an extreme traffic every single day. Gold Souk has its own shopping centres selling exclusively jewelry. It is a place where you can spend not only days, but also weeks and you can still explore stores and jewelry, which you have not seen before.

The other very popular place for tourists to visit in Dubai is the Dubai Gold and Diamond Park. Another specialty of Dubai, the Dubai Gold and Diamond Park is a complex you can never see anywhere else but in Dubai. Specifically built to house not only stores but workshops and storage places for jewelers, the Gold and Diamond Park today houses more than 50 Dubai jewelers. The Park aims for stores and jewelry makers to cut down their costs by not having to rent workshops, storage places and stores separately, but to have them all in one place for one combined sum. Today, the Dubai Gold and Diamond Park is very popular for tourists to visit. Here you can find the stores of great Dubai jewelers and jewelry traders such as Cara Jewelry or Al Liali Jewelry. You can also find here great local brands such as Damas Jewelry, which is currently the leading Dubai brand, when it comes to any sort of jewelry and luxury watches.

We hope that we could bring your attention to not hesitate but book your flight to fly to Dubai soon. With the beginning of the great Dubai Shopping Festival, on January, you can merit not only from the great variety of jewelry but can also enjoy having some of the best discounts at several Dubai jewelers for this month, while the Festival lasts.

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