Top Insurance Brokers of Dubai

Insurance brokers are also called insurance agents, but in real to be an insurance broker means a little bit different. Insurance brokers are those who have contracts with the biggest insurance companies to offer their insurance packages. In Dubai, where locals haven’t yet embraced the possibilities that lie in making insurance, thanks to the huge number of expats the number of insurance brokers also grows.

In Dubai there are lots of insurance companies whose primary target is of course to sell the highest number of insurance and they can do this the most effectively if they take care of collecting the biggest clientele for themselves. How can they do it? In fact, they can do it easily and there where the insurance brokers come in the picture. Insurance company is just like a tour operator who works with others to sell their trips. That’s the same what insurance brokers do in Dubai. They are selling all sorts of insurances for everyone’s need. Sometimes they categorize their offers and sell out only some sorts of insurances while others keep on offering every insurance category possible. These brokers contact with insurance companies and make a contract with them. They work for commission, they receive money after each insurance sold but this does not mean that they are more expensive, sometimes even the contrary happens, as they are cheaper than the main offers.

Then, there are those insurance companies, which do not even offer their insurances directly. Just like NEXtCare, which is one of the biggest insurance companies in the Middle East, it has chosen the business strategy to sell its packages through resellers or insurance brokers. Then, there are those insurance companies who work also as insurance brokers for the selling of those insurances with which they do not directly deal. Insurance brokers work the same as any agents who are re-sellers as well in Dubai as any other places in the world. They have sheets on which they have to provide the main insurers the exact number of insurance sold with the enlisting of the insurance type, the insurance name, the selling date and in most cases also a position number. In Dubai, there are at least a hundred of insurance brokers. Even Al Ittihad Al Watani, which is one of the main players in Dubai when it comes to insurances, has its broker offices in Dubai.

If you think where to find insurance brokers, the answer is easy: in or next to almost every single bank there is an insurance broker. Most banks deal with insurances on behalf of its cooperating insurance company. Therefore, it’s the easiest task to find insurance brokers in Dubai. Some of the biggest Dubai insurance brokers include Al Arabia, Al Nabooda, AGISCO, AFIA, AL Fujairah.

Of course, these were only a few examples taken out of the huge mass of insurance brokers all over Dubai. If you are interested in making a good insurance in Dubai, look up some brokers, you can even gain on this business.

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