Top Plastic Surgeons in Dubai

In Dubai, plastic and cosmetic related surgery is getting highly popular being part of a highly profitable and still growing medical tourism industry. In Dubai, the number of local and international plastic surgeons is growing. The good thing in this is that most of these professionals arrive in Dubai with years or decades of professional, high profile activity in their respective homelands or in other countries. In our article, we will see, some of the best Aesthetic Clinics in Dubai where high profile plastic surgeons operate and which are highly suggested for local and international clientele to visit.

In the past decade, Dubai has taken tremendous steps to reinvent its medical facilities, with plans to re-create the emirate as the future medical centre in the world. The first huge medical complex, the Dubai Healthcare City was finished a couple of years ago and today, it houses over a hundred quality local and international healthcare institutions in its area, with the addition of medical schools and colleges. Due to its enormous success and great activities the 2nd Dubai Healthcare City’s constructions are over within the next year by which, Dubai is to invite further high quality medical institutions in its area. This step is to propel the emirate into becoming the city with the highest number of top medical institutions in its area. Today, there are the best US and American institutes, which also operate aesthetic surgery with some of them even specialised in certain areas such as conducting invasive (with the inclusion of a proper surgical operation) non-invasive (include basic operation excluding surgery) medical interventions.

The facts that Dubai healthcare is tax-free or that the international patients can freely have cosmetic or plastic surgery covered by their {health insurance}, further helps Dubai to make medical tourism into a very profitable business activity. The presence of Medical Tourism further generates the creation of medical holiday packages, which include accommodation and plastic surgery in one.

Today, the top plastic surgeons in Dubai can be found mainly in the following Dubai aesthetic clinics:
* American-British Surgical and Medical Centre
* London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery
* American Academy of Plastic Surgery Hospital
* American Hospital
* Denver Plastic Surgery in Dubai

High-tier plastic surgeons Dr. Maurizio and Dr. Roberto Viel lead the Dubai London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery with high success and even higher expertise behind their back. The American-British Surgical and Medical Centre works with a high-qualified professional team of plastic surgeons, each one having their own field. Here the leading plastic surgeons are Dr Jason Diamond, who is considered currently the most famous plastic surgeon operating in Dubai coming straight from Hollywood. Other valued plastic surgeons are Dr. Matlock, Dr. Mark Mani, Dr. Raj, and Dr. Kevin Sands alongside other valued doctors. Leading plastic surgeons of Denver Cosmetic Surgery are Edmon P. Khoury MD among others, who is also among the leading plastic surgeons of the American Academy of Plastic Surgery Hospital.

Smaller Dubai institutes such as the Cocoona Clinic work with predominantly Indian, Dubai and international staff. Leading plastic surgeon of Cocoona Clinic is Dr. Sanjay Parashkar, while in Dubau Surgery, where the leading surgeon is Dr. Ashok Govila. Each these doctors have international medical experience, are members of ISAPS the most important institute for plastic surgeons.

And being at ISAPS, when you are looking for plastic surgeons in Dubai, the first thing you must make sure of, is that that the plastic surgeon is certified by ISAPS which is the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery which is the most important organization which governs international healthy practices of cosmetic and plastic surgery. You must also be aware, whether the clinic has all the amenities and if the staff is certified to take care of patients. These are very important questions. A couple of years ago, several surgeons and cosmetic surgery bogus doctors were arrested causing fatal troubles and death due to the lack of any certification, expertise and even the proper place to do cosmetic surgery. Luckily, these years, no such thing is bound to happen anymore, especially if you steer clear of looking for the cheapest solutions of clinics, no one has heard of.

The Dubai Ministry of Health does its best to detect all the bogus surgeons and beauty clinics are also not authorised to do Botox treatments, unless they carry the specific certification, alongside a qualified staff, that it has the credentials to do such treatments. Unfortunately, for patients, the hardest part to check is, whether the staff is qualified. Therefore, we definitely suggest you, to visit one of the upper mentioned clinics, as the most experienced and most suggested institutes to perform plastic or cosmetic surgery. Each of these institutes have qualified practicing plastic surgeons and in most of these, you can book a free appointment or a free consultation where you can get to see whether you find the place attractive or you ’d rather look for another clinic. Dubai’s medical centres and clinics are luckily high quality and heavily checked in order to quality level to stay high. Due to the international staff of qualified plastic surgeons, the upper mentioned institutes all have credentials and are all trusted in Dubai.

The majority of international clientele arrives from the United States and Great Britain, both countries being famous for their notoriously high prices, when it comes to medical service. Therefore, they use the solution of using medical insurance, which pays their bills for medical treatments being done in any other country, during their holidays. For those locals who are unable to pay for their treatments in one, these institutes have ready payment plans and even, they can offer medical loans in order for the treatments to be paid.

Dubai plastic surgeons have the positives of mainly arriving from well known US, UK or Australian medical services and their medical expertise can be easily tracked down. We suggest you to visit only those plastic surgeons, who are able to prove their expertise. Overall, Dubai is becoming a well-established medical centre in the Middle East though with exceptional quality in terms of services and its practicing medical staff.

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