Undergarments at H&M Dubai

Hennes & Mauritz, more popularly known as H&M, is a Swedish clothing company that is famous for its fast fashion clothing creations. They create fashions for everyone – men, women, teenagers, and children – that is both modern and stylish. H&M has around 2,000 stores worldwide spread over 37 countries with over 76,000 people working for them. H&M brings out apparel that is mod, stylish, and fast moving and it is reported that these stocks are sold out as soon as the new fashions hit the stores. Now, that is really incredible!

H&M collaborates with designers from all over the world and creates innovative outerwear and innerwear for women, men and children. The latest tie up was with Sonia Rykiel who designed a lingerie range for the chain. Sonia Rykiel is a well known fashion designer who designs garments and lingerie exclusively for modern ladies. The lingerie which she has designed for H&M is beautiful, gorgeous, attractive, and extremely comfortable. It is available in all their stores. Her collection of lingerie includes bras, briefs, body wear, g-strings, stockings, and night wear.

Sonia Rykiel has also designed accessories like slippers, sandals and satin headbands along with rosettes to go along with her other creations. The Hennes & Mauritz lingerie collection goes wild with the use of microfibers and makes it looks sporty. Some of the H&M collections have been inspired by the Playboy look. The modern trend is that some of the innerwear can be worn as outwear. H&M lingerie is available at all their outlets and Sonia Rykiel’s signature stores at very reasonable prices that make fashion and style be within every one’s reach. Sonia Rykiel has recently released an iconic knitwear collection for the spring and summer of 2010. You will also find accessories for women and girls (from 18 months to 18 years) sold here. All these items are sold through more than 1800 H&M stores spread out in 37 countries throughout the world.

You will definitely agree that the H&M lingerie collection does look definitely teasing, but there is a classic French elegance look about it. Their lingerie collection in black satin, chiffons, and lace is extremely tempting. H&M has also some other things in their lingerie collection such as vibrantly colored striped bras, while kimonos and pajamas make up their sleepwear collection. Sonia Rykiel offers her creations through H&M lingerie collection, which Sonia says is the ideal way to offer the essence of Rykiel to all the women in the world at affordable rates.

Hennes & Mauritz opened its first shop in Norway, while its first shop in the United States was opened in New York. H&M is said to be the 21st best global brand in the world. H&M has only one philosophy and only one mission – to bring you the best in fashion and quality at the best price. H&M is aimed at everyone who is interested in fashion.

So, just walk into the nearest Hennes & Mauritz store and shop to your heart’s content. Their collections are extensive, their fashions modern, and their prices just right.

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