Value of Diamonds

Today, Dubai is a great place for buying diamonds. The Dubai diamond value is outstanding in quality yet cheaper in quantity than what you can get in other countries. The diamonds come to Dubai from India, South Africa mainly but of course, there are other places from where they come, supposedly also the world’s diamond capital Antwerp. Dubai Diamond value is stated by the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre, which is royally appointed to handle the diamond business in Dubai.

The Dubai Multi Commodities Centre is the one, which represents Dubai in the international diamond bourses and all the connecting events. The diamond sales today is very encouraged by Dubai, which also made lots of steps in order to widely promote its jewelleries, its great gold, diamond and coloured gemstone trading and manufacturing business.

The diamond has several features by which you can tell more about it s quality. These are called the 4C meaning Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat. When you buy diamonds in Dubai, according to local law, you will always get a certificate stating all data of the diamond from the number of its carats to the place it was mined. This is very common, yet you must always care for having it. The Dubai diamond value gets around 15% higher each year in Dubai. This can be lower or higher than the global annual growth of value. Yet you can save a lot of money when you buy diamonds or jewellery in Dubai. It is because of the tax-free manufacturing and tax-free business of Dubai. The diamonds do not go such a long way until they arrive here, as in the case of other manufacturers, which also have to fight with their several sorts of taxes in their country. In Dubai, averagely diamond jewellery can be up to 50-60% cheaper than their price in another European or Intercontinental country. This large difference can further increase by a little bit of haggle or negotiation as they call it.

The best places to negotiate is the Gold Souk of Dubai, Here, the Dubai diamond value is also up to you and up to how much you are willing to pay for the jewellery and for how much will the local businessman sell it to you. In any case both of you make a good business. The other best place for buying jewellery in Dubai is the Dubai Gold and Diamond Park. This local hub is mainly for national manufacturers who exhibit and sell their goods in the Parks visitor centre. Here, there are very flexible jewelleries where you can get jewellery for a great price.

Dubai only deals with the best Dubai diamond value. Therefore, you will see the diamond jewellery to be perfectly clean, cut, colourless diamond. Although coloured diamonds are coming into fashion, their price is not even close to the value of clean Dubai diamond value. It is interesting to mention the famous Dubai Cut, which only the Indian Dhamani Jewellery has licensed to sell. The Dubai Cut is indeed more expensive with its 99 facets’ cut representing the 99 names of Allah. Therefore, the Dhamani Jewellery is really worth seeing while you are in Dubai. You can be all relaxed about the Dubai diamond value. It’s cheaper yet better than what you can get outside Dubai.

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