Versace Home Furniture in Dubai

Versace Home furniture in the Dubai Mall has unusual combinations of furniture. You will be thrilled to see furniture which is luxurious, unique in colors, and challenging designs. Versace Home furniture showroom has both modern and classical designs. The furniture at Versace home is created based on the inspirations from baroque, ultra modernism, and neoclassical designs. All the furniture pieces are standing out by their unique design, luxury materials, and vibrant colors. Versace home collections of furniture are meant for people who are concerned about the decorations and detailing on the furniture. Some of the luxurious materials used to create furniture are silver, gold, velvet, and silk.

The collections of Versace are known as the signature products of Versace as each collection has a specific theme. The Versace home furniture collection shows the versatility of designs in various styles. Versace furniture collections provide fashionable and trendy looks to your rooms. You can find Versace logo incorporated on the furniture of Versace such as legs of side tables, table inserts, lamp stems, and sofa arms. Versace Home was founded in the year 1992 with bed sheet collections, cushions and pillows. Later, these products are followed by high-end furniture and dinner set with Versace logo.

Versace Home furniture is glamorous and sexy. The Versace furniture collection in The Dubai Mall is simple and comfortable, even though they are luxurious. Versace home furniture launched 3D furniture collection this year which consists of pure fashionable furniture. The 3D collection showcases the exclusive Versace style and design. The 3D collection consists of leather sofa with gold detailing, chair with leopard print, coffee table with gold detailing and crystal round table. There is a unique piece name Versace Wave made of velvet, polyurethane, and metal. Versace Wave is available in bright colors like electric blue and acid green.

Another great furniture piece of Versace is the crystal round table named Sonburst. The base support of the table is made of 14 elements that meet behind the base of the table. These 14 elements are featured in different colors. Classic Versace home furniture collection has furniture with gold as the central color. In classic Versace print collection, you can find gold ribbed couch, vessels with golden decorations, and golden armchairs. Classic Versace print is available in bright rich colors like blue, purple and red. There are occasional colors like black, white, and orange.

The latest addition to the Versace home furniture collection is the bubble sofas. Bubble sofas looks attractive in your living room giving the room an ultra-contemporary look. While sitting on the bubble sofa you will feel like sitting on the clouds. Multi-colored bubble sofa is also available along with other colors of sofas. Traditional types of sofas are made of hand-carved wood and good quality fabrics. You can also find sofas made of metal and other materials. Customers who are interested in conservative designs can purchase furniture created out of leathers and traditional fabrics. Most of the Versace home furniture functions as decoration pieces than functional pieces. If you are interested in luxury, you can buy Versace furniture from The Dubai Mall.

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