Village Mall Dubai

The Village Mall is located at a quite beautiful and relaxed part of Dubai very close to the Public Beach of Jumeirah and close to some other smaller shopping malls, which, as they are offering also many diverse services do not disturb each other. Village Mall is very close to Palm Strip Shopping Mall which unfortunately often creates confusion as the shopping mall is often mixed with the Village Mall and Village is often referred to as Village Palm Strip Mall. The Shopping Mall is quite small but it is very cute and it offers a couple of great stores and catering facilities along with several unique stores. So, let us look at the Village Mall and on what we find there.

The Village Mall is located along the Jumeirah Beach Road that mainly runs next to the beach. Jumeirah Beach road is also famous for being the one road that leads up to the Jumeirah Mosque, being Dubai’s second biggest and more beautiful mosques. In the neighbourhood of the Village Mall, you can find Century Mall, Jumeirah Plaza, Spinneys and several other department stores and hypermarkets. This area is a very nice living area, full of apartments, aparotels and has two resorts nearby such as the Regency Beach and the Grand Marine resorts.

As for its outlook, the Village Mall resembles more to a European marketplace building than of a shopping mall. As its small in size it tries not to be compared with its bigger “brothers” yet instead it tries to stay unique on its level. This is why this mall is really worth visiting if only for a shorter time. You can get to see the handwork of some local fashion designers such as S*uce, Ayesha Depala, Candella, Offshore Legends, Podium fashion and OXBOW Sportswear. Other unique stores include great and chic beauty salons such as the Sisters Beauty Lounge, the Sensasia Urban Spa and for the lovers of bakers the funny named Sugar Daddy’s Bakery is a must visit. Men can drop in to Julian Hairdressing for Men and those who would like to find some unique accessories and house decorations. If you have forgotten to bring your swimwear, you can buy it very simply in this mall.

The Village Mall also has a number of both quality and buffet style restaurants inside so that you can enjoy a bit of rest in the company of authentic food and its outdoor cafés are great success. One of the cafes which definitely stand out and is highly visited is the Shakespeare and Co. which is virtually always full, not to mention that you can drop down to have a great swim in the sea or in one of the neighbouring swimming pools of the complex.

Overall, Village Mall is really worth visiting together with the whole Jumeirah Road, once you want to visit its colourful shopping malls and even if you stroll down there to see the beautiful Jumeriah Mosque. The entities in Village Mall open at 10.00 am with the exception of some cafés and the beauty salons which open one or two hours earlier.

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