Warba Centre

Warba centre, one of the most fantastic and well-reputed shopping mall situated on Abu Bakar Saddique Rd, near JW Marriot Hotel, Deira, Dubai. It lies in the area of Murraqabad police station and it is also called the area of Dubai Cinema. There are hundreds of shopping malls located in Dubai that are much popular because of their unique shopping facilities and luxurious services but it is now getting more popularity among all the other Dubai shopping malls. Its outstanding exteriors and amazing interiors tend the visitors to must visit here. Tourists when visit Dubai must visit here to enjoy the ultimate shopping experience along some other fantastic offers like tasty cuisine and outdoor leisure time passing services.

Warba Centre possess its unique identity among all the other shopping centres in United Arab Emirate. There are about 100 and more outlets present in Warba centre, which offers unique branded accessories for customers. All types of accessories are available under one roof like households, furniture, utensils, kids and ladies items, men’s items, jewellery shops, cosmetics, garments, sports shops, music stores, book shops, gyms, parlours, men’s saloons, kid’s playing area and many other items that you want to shop.

Warba Centre is located on road, so there is not any problem to visit in your own car. The parking area is quite vast and clean. Security guards are assigned there to keep secure your vehicles. The security at warba centre is outstanding; you’ll feel as you are in your home whilst shopping here with your friends, family and love once. Your kids play in all shopping mall and you can shop carelessly without getting worry about your kids as security guards are much frankly and responsible. The gaming zone is specifically designed for kids to keep them busy while their parents shop.

Special gyms and massage centres are arranged in Warba centre for ladies where they can get all the exercising and relaxing facilities. Ladies and gents saloon and parlours are very popular among people. Pierre Cardin, Valentino, Ted Lapiddus, CK, Perry Ferry and many other brands are available in Warba Centre. Perfumes are the specialty of Dubai so there are many perfumery shops present in Warba centre. You can purchase international branded and imported as well as local perfumes at Warba Centre. Special men’s and ladies wears, shoes and knight wears are available here.

Another most fantastic feature of Warba Centre is the food outlets. There are many food corners and restaurants are serving the visitors. Coffee shops, fast food outlets, ice-cream pubs, Pizza huts, and restaurants are offering the tasty food items and delicious cuisine. Visitors enjoy shopping in Warba centre along having a great taste off delicious and spicy cuisine with their friends, family and lovers. The food services are much efficient, tasty, and affording. Indoor as well as outdoor dining services are presenting the outstanding scenario of Dubai’s luxurious life.

Warba Centre is located in quite dens area of Dubai. There always remain hustle and bustle all day long and late night. It is a five star shopping mall that contains all the required varieties of accessories and other luxurious but affording facilities. Whenever you decide to shop in Dubai, must visit here to enjoy the real spirit of shopping in Dubai.

Waraba Centre is one of the latest addition to shopping malls in this desert city. It’s a five star facility, so expect to find top class luxury. The interiors are extravagant and spacious, and the decor is done up with great care. The marble floors and palm trees add to this centre’s charm. Shop till you drop, because this is one place where the list of branded boutiques never ends.

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