Where To Buy Diamond Necklaces in Dubai

Dubai, the City of Gold could also be called the City of Diamonds, because the diamond jewellery that you can see and shop here is just amazing both in quality and in quantity. In our article, we would like to explore the jewellers that are currently among the best, when it comes to diamond necklace sets in Dubai. We will also go through all the great places you should visit, when you would like to buy a great set or piece of diamond necklace in Dubai.

Dubai is a great city that has really grown out to become the city of shoppers and the city of jewellery. The amazing designs of beautiful diamond jewellery, made with the best quality diamonds, coming from all parts of the world will surely capture your imagination. Taking the fact, that Dubai is a tax-free country, you can also save up quite a lot, if you decide on buying your next favourite diamond necklace in here. Let us see some of the best places and Dubai jewellers you should aim to visit, when it comes to finding great diamond jewellery for you.

Taking all the places where you can buy fantastic jewellery in Dubai into account is not an easy task, but also, everywhere you go in Dubai downtown, you just can’t miss seeing Dubai jewelers, offering high quality gold and diamond jewellery. The very best places you should start your exploration include the Deira Gold Souk, which offers extreme quantity of jewellery, gold, diamond, white gold, silver and so much more, with its over 350 jewellery stores. Here, you can freely haggle, spend as much time with browsing as you need, you can have some great conversations and you can end up having some beautiful jewellery by the end of your trip here. Deira Gold Souk is easy to access with the Dubai Metro and it is an experience we really suggest you not to miss. Almost every single stores here offer great collections of diamond necklaces. We suggest you not to miss visiting the stores of Damas, Pure Gold and Dhamani, with each brand having a significant role in terms of jewellery trading.

Damas being the biggest jewellery brand of Dubai and in fact, the whole Middle East offers the biggest number of jewellery collections, with several of its brands concentrating exclusively on diamond necklace sets and other outstanding quality gold jewellery collections. Pure Gold has several stores inside the Dubai Gold Souk and everywhere around Dubai. The brand is one of the most dynamically growing jewellery brands of Dubai, specialized in selling diamond, gold, platinum and silver jewellery. It’s great deal of diamond necklace collection should definitely be checked out. Within the Gold Souk, you will find Pure Gold stores with ease, as the brand has over 10 stores right inside Gold Souk. Dhamani Jewellery is specialized in high quality Diamond jewellery. The brand is world famous for being the one and only which is certified to produce and offer the special diamond cut called Dubai Cut, the only diamond cutting method in the world that was named after a country and not after the initial shape it forms. Dhamani sells highly exclusive diamond necklace collections, which you should definitely check out. As Dubai Cut is not sold anywhere else but in Dubai, in the stores of Dhamani Jewellery, it is really a must-see, for all fans of high profile diamond jewellery.

As you can see, Dubai has an extreme number of high quality diamond jewellery and although the brands we mentioned are the finest examples for selling the best quality diamond jewellery, there are so many other brands you must check out while being in Dubai. Hunting for beautiful diamond necklace sets is a great excursion that also helps you to get to know Dubai and to have a fantastic experience.

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