Where To Buy Diamond Watches in Dubai?

Diamond watches are quite common in Dubai. All the big watch makers make watches for the higher class women who quite understandably would like their watches to be as their jewels. The most beautiful diamond watches collections make slight distinction between the watches which include diamond decorations and those watches which are used as simply as a jewellery. The latter does not have much importance with time. However, it is just to enhance the uniqueness and expensiveness of the watch itself.

Let’s see a couple of the best diamond watches collections available now on the market by two of the best ever watch brands in the world. You can be sure that all of these watch have a long waiting list in Dubai. Today, watches prefer to be mechanical but also include many novelties when compared to the watches of the old days. For example, the biggest craze today for diamond watches is to include a moon-standing screen, which shows to the wearer the exact moon standing. The inclusion of a second time zone and second watch is also usual. Let us see some of the very best and most expensive diamond watches in the world:

Emperador: This collection belongs to the class of watches with complications and it is a beautiful diamond watch for women in the new collection of Piaget. With a great setting, the moon standing is also included in this beautiful watch, which also has a satellite system built in showing the actual relation of Sun and Earth with the highest accuracy. The basic diamond model is encased in white gold with 2.1K diamond decoration around the rims and around the Sun-Moon Centre of the watch. The Emperador 35020 type comes in several different types. The most exclusive diamond watch of the collection is the one, which contains altogether 674 miniature brilliant cut diamonds. This is a highly expensive model with huge knowledge and accuracy.

Out of the jewellery watches of Piaget, we can find some real masterpieces of jewellery and watch making, such as the Limelight Secret Watch, which looks just like a full-diamond bracelet. Other rich diamond watches include the Protocole XXL diamond watches for men, the Piaget Polo Watch for men as well, and the beautiful forms of Limelight diamond watches in all sort of shapes, making perfect women’s jewellery.

Patek Philippe
7059 R: As a brand new model for women, this heavily expensive watch is made of rose gold and includes a beautiful double diamond rim made out of 27 small diamonds around the watch. This watch comes with sapphire-crystal case-back, alligator skin straps and a light water resistance up to 30 metres.

Twenty-4: This is a grand collection of diamond watches aiming young working independent women. Watches always come with diamond decorated cases, the other materials can be chosen and vary from gold to white or rose gold, also offered in the best steel.

If you are looking for diamond watches with the budget, you will you have the widest choice among the best watches in the whole world. In Dubai, you are most likely to find these watches in the Dubai Mall, in the original stores of Patek Philippe and Piaget. If you would better decide next to another brand, do not hesitate to look around in all the jewellery stores and watches stores of Al Futtaim and Damas Jewellery where other brands of great diamond watches are always on offer.

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