Where To Buy Escada in Dubai

Escada is one of the most famous mid-luxury brands that sell their clothes at a many ranges and price-levels, from the luxury to the more economical items. Escada clothes are elegant and made out of great materials. In Dubai, there is one label shop but many multi-brand shops sell Escada clothes in several other shopping centers too. When you are on clothes shopping tour, it is really worth looking inside a store selling Escada clothes.

Escada is a German based brand, which is one of the most popular German brands of luxury clothes. Germany has not been that famous in the fashion world so far, so Escada meant a great chance for Germany to become one member of the top fashion brands in Europe. The Escada clothes are also quite famous in France, since the opening of French Escada Sports brand’s first campaign in France. In Germany, Escada clothes are sold in diverse sub-brand names, such as Laurél and BiBa for the young generation economical clothes. Prêt, a Porter shop of Escada can be found all over the world. Escada encountered financial difficulties, and in 2009, an Indian multimillionaire Lakshmi Mittal, who is based in London owning or having share in several diverse European and international companies, bought up the whole concern. Since then, his daughter is the Vice President of Escada.

The clothes of Escada have the eternal best tailoring, not making themselves fully dedicated to any too extravagant fashion trends, rather concentrated on giving the best-tailored looks to its wearers. Escada is most popularly known for its clothes for women. The label shop of Escada can be found in the huge Dubai Mall, other than that Escada clothes are sold in the Emirates Towers Boulevard by the Emirates Towers, called Villa Moda. It is also sold in Saks Fifth Avenue at the BurJuman Center. Besides that, Escada also sells its items online for those who do not want to spend time and energy by shopping.

The basic segments of the brand comprise of Escada Couture, and Escada Sports. The couture part is the one, which sells the most elegant items including gowns and all sorts of costumes for an always-elegant woman. The sports part is the one, which is for a younger and sportier generation. In Dubai, the Couture part brings the most success, as Dubai women prefer to wear elegant clothes, especially preferring the long gowns of Escada.

Escada has also become notorious in the eyes of Animal Rights groups and activists, for keeping their fur selling traditions for considerably longer time than others companies all around the world. There have been many attacks, physical and by the media itself as well till the president of Escada had finally declared to the press that from 2011 Escada will stop selling fur or implementing any fur in their clothes. This was one of the reasons that shopping of Escada clothes diminished which have put the company on the edge of bankruptcy.

Escada is also one of the few ranges that did not start creating men or children’s collections at all. Besides the presence of every important fashion brands in Dubai, Escada is still quite famous in Dubai. Although it only has one label shop, yet its clothes are sold at many other shopping malls as well, not to mention the trendy outlet centre, giving out top brands as well which are past their seasons.

Whenever you are in Dubai and you are on a shopping tour in the downtown, look for an Escada store, or at least a store selling clothes of Escada, as these clothes will surely never go out of fashion. Take a look at the discounts of Escada as well, might be that it is your lucky day to shop at Escada. Dubai is a great shopping place for all sorts and values of clothes. It enables you to buy all brands, which you would not be able to see at one place anywhere else in the world.

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