Where To Buy Pocket Watches in Dubai

Pocket watches have been the first form, which served for people to first being able to carry their watches with themselves. These watches were mainly used by men and to the effect of women and the many movements starting from the 19th century peaking with the suffragists, from the beginning of the 20th century wristwatches for women soon started to be worn, becoming trendier. As they are a lot cosier to wear this way, the wristwatches have soon exchanged the pocket watches. In Dubai, the highest selection of first class watches stores are in the Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, Deira City Centre and in the BurJuman Shopping Centre.

However, pocket watches are not extinct. Pocket watches are still worn by many people, mainly men. The most important reason for wearing is for sports reasons. Almost all the most famous watches brands release professional pocket watches with timers for sportsmen. In fact, this is their most important reason of manufacturing. Timing has a key importance in every sport so pocket watches are indeed widely used in sports and by sports juries and coaches. Old time pocket watches represent huge value sometimes, as they are big, when they are made purely out of silver or gold, they cost a lot of money. You can find pocket watches in Dubai; of course, all you have to do is to ask about them. Hereby we represent you with some of the best brands, which manufacture pocket watches in Dubai not leaving out the detail on where to find them.

Omega: This is widely used by sportsmen and for special sports. Omega brand has been the appointed brand used at the Olympic Games for timing. Their pocket watch called Omega Pocket Watch 1932 represents many values. You can order this watch in three shades, in white, red and yellow gold. The watch glass is a highly resistant crystal featuring chronograph, chronometer and small second’s timer. Omega is present all over Dubai, so you can find its brand stores in every big shopping mall.

Rolex: Another highly appreciated sport brands used at several professional sports games has its own sport and classic editions of pocket watches. Some of them cost a lot of money. Its vintage pocket watches are widely sold by auctioneers and some jewellery and antique stores. Find Rolex stores in all of the big shopping malls in Dubai.

Audemars Piguet: This is among the highest-class Swiss watchmakers featuring several luxury collections of all sorts of classic and special watches. The pocket watches collections of Audemars Piguet are great. It features three sorts of sports classic pocket watches each one made out of gold: There is the Minute Repeater Collection, the Jumping Hours Collection and the Grande Complication Collection. Starting from the Grande Complication, this is a special hunter’s watch including special features such as perpetual calendar with the moon phases, minute repeater, split seconds chronograph and small seconds at 9 o’clock. These watches made out of pure 18K gold including a cover and a chain for the watch. They are so special that they come only for order. The Jumping Hours is also a limited collection with sapphire case back, with split seconds counter and timer. The Minute repeater is the simplest of the three, still limited collection with a timer and split seconds counter at 6. This watch comes either in white, yellow or pink gold. Find this brand in any Ahmed Seddiqi stores in Dubai or in its brand store in the BurJuman Shopping Mall.

Patek Philippe: This brand which is probably the best and most expensive watch brand in the world having two diverse collections for pocket watches, namely the Lepine and the Hunter’s pocket watches collections. Find the store of Patek Philippe in Dubai in the Mall of Emirates and in the Dubai Mall.

Pocket watches are a lot more expensive than a normal watch and a lot more specific than being sold at shops pocket watches collections are only rarely to be seen. In Dubai, you can order these highly precious watches in any brand stores and the Ahmed Seddiqi stores which is the best seller of high category brands. So, go ahead and you can order any sorts of pocket watches in Dubai.

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