Where To Buy The Best Golf Shoes in Dubai?

As Dubai has a very important role in the international golf life, it is undeniable that many people are on the watch to find the best appropriate golf shoes for themselves. Before letting you know on where to find golf shoes in Dubai, we would like to talk about the attributes of golf shoes. We will also include a short description on the different types of golf shoes.

So, what do we call golf shoes?
Golf shoes are those specially designed and produced shoes that have the attributes to help players to bring out the best of their game on the golf course. This means, when on the ground or grass, a golfer’s shoe should not be slippery but to guarantee the best balance for the player. Also, golf shoes are best to be made out of leather first of all for the sake of the golf fashion and secondly because its leather shoes which offer the best security and comfort for the feet in the same time. Comfort is vital as golf involves lots of time spent playing. British type of golf also involves players walk through the course. It is good if shoes are waterproof because of the grass being often wet. In the first sight, many golf shoes look like tennis or boat shoes though. The biggest difference is in their heel where they have certain spikes included which can be made out of metal or plastic, for the sake of keeping players in one position even in slippery position. Because it has been made clear that the metal spikes make far more destruction to the grass, which should famously be kept almost in untouched condition, the plastic spiked shoes are those that are the standard norm for golf shoes.

Are golf shoes necessary for everyone?
Golf shoes as specialty shoes are expensive. For beginners and those who do not play golf too often, it is an unnecessary investment to buy golf shoes. Trainers, tennis or boat shoes are perfect for exercising when playing does not involve especially heavy swings. Yet it is vital for your shoes to be comfortable and non- slippery. Most importantly for your own sake, let your footwear be always closed when playing golf.

Are all golf shoes expensive?
Of course, there are possibilities for buying golf shoes for cheap prices. However, you will not have this chance in Dubai where golf equipments, tools and golf wear are famously very expensive. In addition, the bad thing with Dubai golf stores is that they do not have website and this way you do not have chance to look at their prices unless you visit them personally.

How can we best differentiate golf shoes?
Normally most people differentiate golf shoes according to their brand, their material and their setting of heel-spikes that is the most important of all attributes.

Which brands of golf shoes are the most popular in Dubai?
In Dubai, there are some golf stores of course, such as the Golf House, which you can find in many of the shopping malls and in many golf clubs too. This is also the most expensive store of all.

Preferred brands of golf shoes:
The following brands are favoured and suggested when you are looking for durable golf shoes: Footjoy, Eccousa, Callaway Golf, Nike Golf, Puma Golf, Adidas Golf, and HiTec. For online shopping, try Edwin Watts and Golfsmith that are both very popular for those who are living in Dubai.

Dubai golf pro stores include the above-mentioned Golf House that you can find in most of the shopping malls in the downtown of Dubai. Other options include the smaller stores called Progolf International in Bur Dubai Trade Centre and the Green Sports Co. in Karama district. Do not buy golf shoes online unless you have worn the exact brand whose shoe you would like to buy.

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