Where To Buy The Latest Iphones?

Today, the newest range includes iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11, iPhone SE and iPhone XR.

iPhone mobiles are advance handset with touch screen facility manufactured and distributed by Apple. The foundation of iPhone was laid when in a conference Steve Jobs expressed his idea that PDAs are not good choice or option and to capture larger market share Apple need to enter the cell phone technology. Based on this ideology Steve announced the first Iphone on January 9, 2003 in a Macworld convention. After, three years of announcement Apple Company released its first iPhones for the general public in 2007. The next important trademark of Iphones was the usage of the third application on the mobile phones, this new features made this mobile more popular and common among the general public. iPhone became an instant hit in the market due their various unique and interesting features. These phones are now the hottest selling mobile phone in all parts of the world especially in Middle East cities like Dubai, where style and features matters a lot.

So far Apple has released eleven versions of iPhone in the market and all of them have unique features and specifications.

• The first iPhone that was released on 2007 in more famously known as I phone original. This phone offered quad-band GSM connectivity along with GPRS and Edge technology. These phones had multi-touch touch screen display and chrome plated metal frame. The operating system that was introduced with I phone originals was iPhone OS that was later updated in other models of I phone.

• After, introducing iPhone in the market and gaining a positive response, the second version was released in 2008. The second version was called iPhone 3G and has many features similar to its predecessor. The only difference between the two generation of iPhone is between some hardware features. It has hardware like assisted GPS, tri-band UMTS and 3G data. Moreover, the software in these phones was also updated to Iphone OS 2.0.

• The third generation of iPhone was the Iphone 3GS. This generation became the most popular and widely sold mobile phones especially in city like Dubai because they were more responsive, had increased storage capacity and improved camera quality. This generation of mobile phones also offered voice control and voice memo features to its users.

Today, the newest range includes iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11, iPhone SE and iPhone XR.

Apple’s iPhone has taken over the world because of its unique technology and features. The popularity of these phones is not less in a city like Dubai, where people like to have latest technology in their gadgets, whether it’s the mobile phone or watches. Some of the authorized dealers of iPhone mobile phones in Dubai are Apple Store at the Mall of Emirates and Grand Store Digital at the Dubai Mall.

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