Where To Eat The Best Seafood in Dubai?

As Dubai has always been a number one place in fishing, and is one of the countries where fishes are really a must-eat, there is no way for you not to try some of the most delicious fish dishes, which Dubai has to offer. How beautiful it is to imagine that you are sitting by the sea, trying some great tasty fish and seafood restaurant in a country which is world famous for its great fish dishes. Seafood of Dubai is indeed great and it is also very healthy. Let us enlist some of the best seafood and fish restaurants in Dubai.

In the history of Dubai, we can see the high importance of fishing. As a seaside country, naturally the main source of both food and income was the fishing. That is why the fishing culture of Dubai is very rich, so is the fishing world. You can be sure to taste the best seafood in the Middle East. Besides that, we all know about the importance of eating fish, let them be sea or river fishes. The seafood of Dubai is also brilliant and definitely a must-try.

As for the preparation of fishes, in the Arabic countries, people prefer to eat fishes grilled, served with various salats and sauces. The lemon is also a must-try together with the sea fishes. The seafood and fish restaurants are also suitable for those vegetarians who do not refuse the eating of fishes.

This is one of the most looked for seafood and fish restaurant sin Dubai. This restaurant is located at a beautiful site in the Souk Madinat, the hippest shopping place of Dubai, located in the Jumeirah district which is called New Dubai. Here, you can find some great fish and seafood dishes of Dubai.

Al Mahara
This is really one of the best Arabic style seafood restaurants in Dubai. You can find this great place at Burj Al Arab. Al Mahara is famous for its great interiors and its beautiful aquarium inside.

The Dhow
With reference on the famous Dubai boats called dhows, this place will surely please everyone’s taste as it is in fact a dhow swimming on the water! So this feature makes it an unresistable place to be. This is ideal for a great fish dinner. With reason, the Dhow is one of the most popular fish restaurants in Dubai.

The Wharf
This seafood restaurant is very famous for its high quality services, located in the Madinat Jumeirah, giving a superb Arabic atmosphere for you to try the best dishes of fish and seafood. The Wharf is not a cheap place, but its all worth trying.

Al Sultan Brahim
This beautiful and colorful restaurant is located inside the great Dubai Festival City, which is famous for the representation of various international cultures. The Festival city is also a great place, if you want to taste all the international dishes of various countries. Al Sultan is really a traditional-looking seafood restaurant serving dozens of great fish and seafood dishes.

Dubai has the best offer of seafood and fish restaurants in the whole Middle East together with a wide variety of other different dishes. So, do not resist the temptation, while in Dubai, try some of its best seafood and fish restaurants.

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