Where To Eat The Best Spanish Food in Dubai

Thanks to the overwhelming effect of the conquest of Spain in the Middle Ages, all around Central and South America, where their memories and people are still living, Spain is definitely one of the best-known and most defying cultures in the world. Today, Spanish cuisine wears many signs of the Latin American cuisine. Anyhow visiting Spanish restaurants is a real treat, only if you know where you need to go. There are diverse types of Spanish restaurants though, each one giving some great culinary and cultural experience.

In real, the culinary culture of the countries where the climate is warm or hot during the day has several similar foods and ingredients. Of course, it is also due to the climate and agriculture.

Spanish restaurants have diverse types. For example, let us take a Tapas Bar, which we must differentiate from the classical Spanish restaurants. Spanish cuisine carries many signs of Moorish cuisine, so for Arabic people there is no Spanish taste that would be strange, all taste familiar. Spanish, like the Arabic people use Saffron in their foods. The country is also famous for its stakes, their fresh fruits and vegetables, highly used for cooking. Spain has a very rich fishing culture, so Spanish people too love eating fish.

One of the most known Spanish foods, called Paella is rice seasoned with saffron mixed up with more types of meats, beef, lamb, and fish and mixed with vegetables. If anyone has tasted the great Moroccan couscous, he or she will see the many similarities between Couscous and Paella. Spain is also very famous for its various sorts of hams called “Jamón” in Spanish.

Tapas is a very interesting dish, which is something in between small club sandwiches and dips. Tapas is diverse and contain extra small snacks equipped with all sorts of meat and vegetables. Tapas is a sharing bar, it is just like when you order 10 different types of sushi. Tapas is the sushi of Spain and it is a great appetizer as well. Tapas is taken with Spanish wines for the non-Muslims. So, let us see what Dubai has to offer as the best Spanish restaurants:

Al Hambra
With the referring of the Moorish castle, this is both a restaurant and a tapas bar. Located in the Al Qast Hotel within the beautiful Madinat Jumeirah complex, this is one of the best Spanish restaurants of Dubai downtown. The interiors reflect the Spanish rustic style and colours and with a great balcony to sit on. Try the chicken and seafood paella together with a bunch of different tapas and escorted by one of the traditional alcohol–free drinks of Spain looking like milk, but slightly flavoured, with a great, unique taste. The offer is wide, but the waiters are well informed on the dishes, so with their help you can set up a delicious menu.

Unlike its name, this is really one of the best-known Spanish restaurants in Dubai. Ossiano is famous for its brilliant choice of different seafood and fishes. Only to view this restaurant is an experience in itself, as it looks like a Rococo underwater world. With huge Aquariums where you can view the fishes you are to consume. The restaurant serves Catalonian food and all the dishes are perfect here, although they cost quite a bit. Ossiano is located within the huge Atlantis the Palm, on the Palm Jumeirah island, so alone its situation is worth an expedition.

Outside of this, there are a couple of more Spanish restaurants serving better or worse Spanish food. These two Spanish restaurants though are those that are outstanding. Try one or both, as the mixture of Spanish and Arabic (Moorish) culture will amaze you.

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