Where To Find Authentic Chopard Sunglasses in Dubai

Chopard is the name of the Swiss company that was founded in 1860. Initially the company focused on manufactured unique chronographic pieces and pocket watches, but with passage of time the company also started making unique luxurious jewellery pieces. The company introduced its first Chopard sunglasses range in late 20th century. The Chopard sunglasses are introduced for the elite of the society as the frames were galvanic ally treated with 23 Kt gold. This brand of sunglasses is highly liked by the natives of Middle East cities especially of Dubai, as they like to have touch of gold in their every accessory.

Chopard sunglasses is the preferred brand of elite because of its unique features like,
• Gold frames: Most of the Chopard sunglasses have the gold treated frames which give them a unique and elegant finish. The gold treated range of Chopard sunglasses is rated among the most expensive range of sunglasses in the world and is often custom made according to the demands of the customer.

• Quality and premium craftsmanship: Chopard has over 150 years of experience in luxury watch and jewellery making. This experience is visible in all Chopard sunglasses, as they are manufactured by using the experience of expert craftsman and state of the art technology.

• Lenses: Apart, from the gold and jewellery studded frames the Chopard sunglasses also have the finest quality lenses that ensure complete eye protection from harmful UV rays. To ensure high quality eye wear the company has partnered with some of the leading eye wear manufacturing companies. Each range of Chopard sunglasses is manufactured through careful milling and micro-fusion process so as to ensure high quality.

Variety of Chopard Sunglasses:
Chopard sunglasses are available in different variety all over the world. Tourist can also buy these luxurious sunglasses brand from different retailers in Dubai.

• Chopard Gold/Mauve: This range of Chopard sunglasses have metal frame, plastic lenses that are scratch proof and non–polarized. Some of these glasses also have studded stone in its frame, which give them an elegant look for women.

• Chopard aviator: This range of Chopard sunglasses is specifically designed and introduced for men. This collection of sunglasses is inspired from the original Ray Ban aviator glasses.

• Black leather: This range of Chopard sunglasses has the metal frame and plastic lenses. This range is named black leather because it gives feel of leather with its shinny black metal frame.

Famous retailers of Chopard Sunglasses in Dubai:
As Chopard is the most expensive brand in sunglasses, it needs to be bought from authorized dealers in Dubai. Some of the well-know authorized dealers of Chopard sunglasses in Dubai are Solaris in Dubai Mall, Rivoli eye zone at Dubai Festival city, Chopard boutique at Wafi center and Chopard boutique at Burj Al arab Dubai. Buying these luxurious branded sunglasses from the authorized dealer ensure the authenticity of the brand and its quality. Sunglasses bought from other places or dealers in Dubai might enhance the risk of buying fake product.

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