Wonder Bus Tour

Wonder Bus tour in Dubai is a new though quite popular attraction that suits even for locals. Wonder Bus tour generally moves along the southern coasts of Dubai Creek, staying mainly in BurJuman and Wafi City Centre when on the ground.

If you have not seen photos of the Wonder Bus before, then prepare to get surprised, as this is not an ordinary vehicle, neither will your sightseeing tour be when travelling on it. These buses were developed and tested first by the U.S Marines and similarly to what happened with the Hummer when it has become available for civil use, the Wonder Bus has also become very looked-for, mainly among those who are conducting sightseeing tours in cities having any type of water.

The secret of Wonder Bus is, that it is an amphibious bus, which means, it is a boat and a bus at the very same time. Its look appears very funny. As many do not use these buses, their sight always causes surprise. The Wonder buses though have all the luxury of a good quality tourist bus; it has more space inside for serving some drinks and sandwiches on-board.

Wonder Bus tours are simply great surprise for all generations. If you have children, they will for sure go crazy when seeing this funny vehicle. Imagine the excitement it brings when such a bus suddenly transforms into being a boat, going straight in the water anywhere it can.

A Wonder Bus tour can carry forty-two passengers, plus a guide. A Wonder Bus tour takes around 2 hours. The bus, as it has a considerable weight, due to its duplicated task does not move fast. This quality also makes it a great sightseeing vehicle. The Wonder Bus tour starts south of Bur Dubai district, at Bur Juman, on the western coast of the Dubai Creek, very close to Wafi city. When starting a tour, the bus makes a short circle before entering on the water of Dubai Creek, where from then on, it will act like an ordinary sightseeing cruise ship. You can see the attractions and beauties situated along Dubai creek, such as the famous Dubai Creek Park, the beautiful Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club, also located here. Then Wonder Bus tour will take you North, so that you can be amazed by the old buildings of Bur Dubai and Deira and you can catch a glimpse of the Dhow Wharfage too, an unique site within Dubai, hosting the beautiful Arabic style boats, which are still in use for carrying both cargo and passengers on-board.

Then, the Wonder bus tour will take you back to Bur Juman; from here, you can easily get to Bur Dubai to carry on with your sightseeing on foot. A Wonder Bus tour has quite an affordable price too, so it is a great way of spending time in Dubai. Take some pictures of the Wonder Bus and show them back at home to cause some funny surprise!

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