Zabeel Park

Zabeel Park

When it comes to city planning, there is seemingly more emphasis now on parks, on the flora of the cities, which is very important especially in all resident areas. Zabeel Park will be one example of these ambitions and currently constructed to be a large park, offering not only the chance to rest or play, but in Dubai-style, Zabeel Park also will contain numerous attractions and facilities that all people can enjoy for a considerably longer time.

Dubai these years, has set up an ambition of being in the topmost position in tourism as well as in business, also being a green town considering the countless construction works on its territory in the past decade.

Zabeel Park is situated in the Zabeel or Za’abel area of Dubai, just next to Bur Dubai. Zabeel district is on the first place a residence district full of newly build apartment blocks and villas. The huge Zabeel Park is still under construction, with the target to create one of the first-ever green areas to host so many different attractions. The Park will be situated just next to the World Trade Centre, which is also being reconstructed now to a bigger one to have the ability to welcome more businesspersons and guests. This will also give the great chance for Zabeel Park to be one of the most visited parks of Dubai.

Zabeel Park will contain numerous facilities and attractions such as a restaurant quarter by the lake of the future park, a huge playful labyrinth representing the planets and their places in our solar system containing several virtual elements as well. There will be a huge green area for picnic, parties, play and relaxation including an amphitheatre called Mega Bowl, where many types of shows, plays are represented. Its huge Exhibition Gallery will be able to host international events as well. Zabeel Park will also house several sports facilities such as a cricket-field, with cricket having a growing importance in the sports life of the Emirates.

Zabeel Park will also include a couple of theme parks such as the futuristic Stargate Theme Park, in order to give all generations a chance to enjoy according to their taste. The Park is already full of little lakes and rivers, so that the walkways can lead through many of them with little bridges, where one gets the chance to see some fishes and listen to the relaxing sounds of flowing water.

There will also be a huge tower in Zabeel Park, being the future trademark building. In order to make place for the business, there will also be a high-tech centre in the area of the park. When talking about the park, there will also be several gardens. However, in the biggest garden of the Zabeel Park, called Barcode Gardens, one will be able to see even rare types of flowers as well, arranged beautifully, with water flows, gargoyles and fountains. It will have parts giving back the atmosphere of old, Arabic–style traditional gardens.

Zabeel Park indeed has many parts, which are already operating, such as the huge and colourful playground, where children can spend almost a day with non-stop playing. Other operational parts include the amphitheatre, the Stargate Theme Park and the green areas. Therefore, Zabeel Park is already a great site to visit for everyone.

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