18k Gold Jewellery for Christmas

Gold is among the widest used precious metals for making jewellery. Thanks to its beautiful form and unique qualities, gold is among the highest appreciated metals in the world. In Dubai, you can find 18K gold jewellery in the highest numbers as it means the most affordable metals. In addition, the coloured gold, which might interest you, come usually in 18K gold, and it makes the perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones.

Gold means one of the main business sectors of Dubai. Today the gold trading of this emirate is fully controlled by the rules prescribed by the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre and its subsidiary the Dubai Gold and Exchange Commodity Centre. Gold can be seen everywhere in Dubai, which last year has caught attention when making the most expensive Christmas tree decorated solely with all sorts of gold and diamond jewellery.

Gold in its purest form means a 24K metal with a thick yellow shine, heavy weight and a softer metal, which is unreliable when it comes to jewellery making. That is why there are 22K or 18K gold alloys, in order to make the jewellery more durable, and in the case of 18K also to be cheaper. 18K gold comes in all sorts of jewellery and means a great substitute of 22K or 21K gold jewellery with seemingly looking the same. Most coloured gold have 18 carats as well. 18K gold means a general gold alloy in which case gold is mixed with some other metals in order to preserve its shape and in order to be cheaper. The 18K gold comes with a 75% content, which means still a very strong gold content making the whole jewellery seem as pure gold. The 18K gold means gold mixed both with silver and with copper. Silver can be exchanged to other metals which either cause or do not cause colour change together with copper. Including copper in the alloy means a cheaper way of creating the 18K gold. Several jewellery brands in Dubai have their cheaper 18K gold compartment where they can sell jewellery to a much wider public as the gold becomes much more affordable.

Gold alloys made with silver mean a more expensive quality 18K gold alloy, which in outlook does not differ from the 18Kgold made with copper. Silver has an interesting feature of not doing much change with the colour of gold unlike copper does in bigger quantity. If copper is not combined with silver or other neutral metal, then it will change the natural yellow colour of gold. Copper used in bigger quantities changes the colour of the gold to pink, rose or red gold, which is sold as a special coloured gold. Rose gold is getting more and more popular in Dubai and its creation does not mean a hassle either. That is why coloured gold is mostly made out of 18K gold where there is more space in the remaining 25% to create a different colour, with the mixing of different metals. This is how we get blue, purple, pink or even white gold.

In Dubai the widest used number of carats are the 21K gold and the 18K gold although we can also find many jewellery stores which sell also 22K gold jewellery. Visit the gold souk of Dubai to see the most diverse forms and carats of Gold and don’t forget to take a visit to the Dubai Gold and Diamond Park where you can see all sorts of 18K coloured gold, for example the rarest purple gold as well.

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