About Banking Jobs of Dubai

Getting bank jobs in Dubai are good if you know how exactly to do that. As Dubai is still working differently from European countries and from the United States, we give you a couple of advices when it comes to applying for bank jobs in Dubai.

First of all Dubai works differently as said before and the online applications are still not really accepted, although they are promoted yet the process is long and most often than not it is fruitless. The main practice when it comes to banks jobs is that you either apply for an internship through a school, in case you are a student, or you go to work at an international bank which has branches in Dubai. When 2 years have passed which is the normal rotation period, you ask for a switch to Dubai, which companies usually give. Dubai bank jobs are not easy to get directly or they are even impossible. If you do not have a chance to ask for a switch or to get an internship, then you can also apply through head-hunter agencies which are more common but yet not even they can fully guarantee that you get possibilities for bank jobs.

Bank jobs in Dubai pay normally very well also because Dubai is tax-free which means you spare a lot more of your salary than you would do normally. With the exception of the United States residents, you will have no obligation to pay any taxes. Language requirement is mostly English but if an applicant knows Arabic, its all the better although it is good that it is not always a must. Those who get bank jobs usually get housing allowance that could be from USD 10.000 up to 40.000 or more per year. When it comes to ordinary bank jobs, you will see that banks always have openings because most people, with a good financial degree and experience in banking will want to move for the Public Equity or Sovereign Wealth Funds sectors that are different from the normal commercial banking habits and pay by far the very best.

The basic requirements of banks are, for you to have the necessary degree. Many get a fix opportunity during the time they work there as an internship candidate, go back home to graduate then return to start “real” work at the Dubai bank. If you apply for a job from outside without any previous contact or having been rotated as the workforce of the basic bank in your home country, then you will need at least a Masters Degree in finance or Business management and banking. These are the best degrees although other related financial degrees are also accepted. Also banks normally require a pretty high previous experience for outsiders: from 3 till 7 but sometimes even 9 years spent at other banks in similar area for which you are applying.

With Dubai being open to international clientele and having a growing international population, the good thing is that Dubai banks are not looking for solely those candidates who can speak Arabic when they are promoting banking jobs. Therefore, you have a good chance to find one of the best suitable banking jobs for you if you are to move to this very interesting city.

Banking jobs are of course mainly for those who have a strong educational background and who already possess some experience in banking. Banking jobs are very colourful though concerning all the many departments that may be looking for new candidates. All the international recruitment companies are looking for candidates from all over the world to find their future banking jobs in Dubai. For someone who already has experience in banking, Dubai banks will not mean a strange ground. The only exception may be the Islamic banks that work with another standard and list of conditions, which normally require Muslim nationals to undertake these operations. Yet fortunately, there are enough banks that have such department needing international multiple language speaking banking stuff.

Now we have arrived to some important points – the level of experience, the nationality, the sex and the age. In Dubai, things work quite strictly on this matter. All CV requires the mentioning of the upper mentioned details, together with a photograph to give fewer jobs to the recruiters when it comes to your sex and your race. Yes, race and nationality plays a very important role in Dubai, when it comes to jobs. There are races which are either required or not, accepted or not and there are significant recruitment companies there which will also say which race of people they are looking for. The same goes for the nationality. The nationality is a very important factor when it comes to jobs and when it comes to salary. The American and West European nationalities obviously get more salary than the ones coming from the other parts of the world. This is not too nice but it is how things go in Dubai. Advisors say to try to bring out the most out of your CV and so if you have double nationality or permit to work and live in Europe or in the United States then put it in your CV. Men and women are different in terms of salary and in terms of job opportunities as well. This does not mean that there are lesser or much lesser opportunities for women but it is just different. The banking jobs in Dubai are open to everyone and there are many women looked for in banking jobs either in women groups or in the banks specifically dealing with women’s banking. It is very important to include everything in your CV that can make your chances higher to get a job.

Banking jobs give you great chance in Dubai in order to establish yourself at a stabile workplace. You can find many banking jobs in Dubai on both the international and the regional recruitment sites. We offer you to look up the opportunities on Dubai Banks‘ jobs list.

So rather try to find an internship for you or get yourself rotated if you really want to see how bank jobs work. The Dubai bank jobs pay well and you can also save up if you work here for a couple of years at least. Who knows might be that you will stay in Dubai for much longer.

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