Al Jawhara Hotel Apartments

Al Jawhara Hotel chain contains the Al Jawhara Hotel Apartments and the Al Jawhara Gardens which is more exclusive, but the pool of which the guests of Al Jawhara Hotel Apartments can also use. Al Jawhara is the first “Halal” hotel chain, which means that it is primarily for the Muslim guests. As for non-Muslims, this hotel is suggested for male travellers exclusively who are aware of the basic rules of Muslim religion.

Al Jawhara is a quality hotel yet it is not a cheap hotel. We can well call it a special hotel a HALAL hotel as Muslim people call all the things, which are accepted by the Muslim religious norms. We would not offer this hotel for women travellers, because the pure norms of Muslim faith regarding the women’s outlook are very strict. If a women traveller would stay in this hotel, she would feel herself annoyed even embarrassed by the looks or the non-looks. A wealthy Muslim businessperson Haj Said Bin Ahmed Al Lootah found the special hotel chain, of which Al Jawhara Hotel Apartments is part. For information, if you see the word “Haj” or “Haji” in a man’s name, it means that he has been on the holy pilgrimage journey to Mecca the holiest place for all Muslims).This hotel was established in Dubai in 1979 as the very first Muslim hotel of its kind. Although in Dubai many hotels do not serve alcoholic drinks or have separate swimming and fitness areas (swimming pool for women is covered even), surprisingly many hotels do even serve pork meat in Dubai for the like of the tourists. Al Jawhara Hotel Apartments though takes high care to serve only traditional Halal meat and strictly non-Alcoholic drinks. The hotel therefore has separate swimming pool and fitness areas for women and men as well. As that is among the hardest parts for tourists to bear, this hotel is rather visited by Muslim families as said before.

The Al Jawhara Hotel Apartments is very close to the airport that is why lonely male travellers who stay for business or who only stay for an overnight or are in transit often use it. The Hotel is also nicely close to the centre of Deira, along with the Deira City Centre shopping mall and all the very busy streets of Deira. The Al Jawhara Hotel Apartments offer 40 fully equipped luxurious apartments for families, taking special care for the children and babies’ needs in each apartment. There are all sorts of five Star equipments in the apartments, like hair dryer, connection in every room, iron with ironing board, safety box, many towels and cosmetics in the bathrooms. Out of the rooms of Al Jawhara Hotel Apartments, we distinguish three types: Executive Studio, Two-and three bedroom apartments. For even bigger families, there is chance to get apartments next to each other. Kitchens are wholly equipped and very comfortable for cooking.

As unfortunately, several travel guides or hotel descriptions forget to mention this very important information on the Al Jawhara Hotel Apartments, causing bad surprise for many tourists arriving in this hotel, not having a clue on its speciality this is very important information to know and to let others know too on Al Jawhara Hotel Apartments.

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