An Excellent Stay at the Ramee Royal Hotel in Dubai

Overseas travel is something which requires a great deal of planning. Finding a good hotel is something that takes a bit of research and cannot be rushed. Getting a flight booked for the right time, a good hotel on your arrival and having a strong awareness of the amenities in the city you are visiting are each vitally important issues when it comes to guaranteeing a good holiday. In Dubai, there is often an assumption that a “good hotel” is actually a hotel that looks like a palace from the outside, costs the earth to book a room in and has extra cover charges for anything else that is important to you. This leads some people to turn their noses up at the chance to visit Dubai, plumping for other destinations that are less expensive.

The idea that Dubai is an expensive city is understandable. After all, it is a very rich city due to the billions of oil dollars that have gone into making it a tourist and business city, as well as the immense amounts of money that have both stayed there with the financially rich speculators, and have come in as a result of tourism. The big question is whether that money has led the city itself to become a rich man’s playground with little to recommend it to people traveling on an average budget. The answer depends on your resourcefulness. The city of Dubai is, in actual fact, a city where you can have a relatively inexpensive holiday, if you know where to look.

If you want to book into the Burj al Arab, or the Trump hotel, then you will need to have a great deal of money in the bank if you are planning on a long stay. In fact, if you stayed in the Burj for a year, you would spend enough money to have bought l with cash – a very large and pleasant house in most parts of the world. So you certainly can end up spending an awful lot of money in Dubai. On the other hand, though, there are hotels that cost less than a tenth of what the aforementioned hotels cost. One of these is the Ramee Royal Hotel Dubai, which is an excellent example of what can be found in Dubai for a reasonable price. In a thriving area of the city, the Ramee Royal is a hotel which prides itself on its sense of fun.

The ground floor of the hotel is home to a disco and sports bar, which means that if you have a party in mind or just want to catch a game and enjoy a beer, you are well catered for. Indeed, there are opportunities to watch your team play in the afternoon and then celebrate a good result later in the evening, all without traveling a great distance from where you sleep. The staff are always friendly and prepared to do whatever it takes to ensure you have a good holiday l no request is too much for them, and all inquiries are met with a polite smile and an efficient manner. Overall, the Ramee Royal Hotel Dubai is an excellent place for anyone looking to see Dubai without spending too much.

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