ARY Jewellery at Dubai Gold Souk

ARY Jewellery is a prominent Pakistani wholesale, retail and discount jewellery brand that deals with the production and retail of high quality gold and silver jewellery and they are based in Dubai in the Gold Souk. ARY Jewellery has been on the market for more than 30 years and right now, their main business activity is wholesale and online selling. In this article, we would like to represent you with the main collections of this unique brand.

Gold souk is considered to be the biggest gold market of Dubai. Shops embellished in an array present a dream city of gold. From long necklaces to the short ones sparkling with pendants, almost every jewellery item is worth of attraction. Finding a renowned Asian brand in gold souk is a common experience as not only original brands but there are a number of authorized retailers. ARY Jewellery is an original brand in gold souk that is known for its pure gold and unmatchable designing. Not only gold but also the diamond collection is also worth eye catching.

The jewellery brand was established in 1970 and operates every since as a well going family business. Two brothers Mr. Yacoob and Mr. Iqbal who have worked very hard in order to make ARY jewellery one of the strongest in the region lead the jewellery company. In Pakistan, the brand has become one of the most prominent during this time. The famous jewellery brand does not only deal with the producing of jewellery but also sells gold as metal, gold bars, Dubai gold coin and loose stones for a special clientele.

ARY Jewellery deals with a wide range of jewellery that features in two main categories, which include jewellery and wedding jewellery. ARY Jewellery furthermore represents the following categories of high profile jewellery:

– Sets: include breathtakingly beautiful handcrafted designs made out of gold, silver and white gold with the inclusion of coloured gemstones. It is guaranteed that every single set at ARY Jewellery is unique in its beauty. The sets are made of a necklace as the centre and a pair of similar looking earrings.

– Bridal Jewellery: every single design of ARY’s bridal jewellery is a piece of the highest art of jewellery making. Each one of their bridal jewellery collection is a must-see for every fan of arts and jewellery.

– Collection de Diamond: this diamond jewellery collection shows us another unconventional side of ARY Jewellery. Their diamond rings and pendants all feature forms and patterns you have never seen before on jewellery. They also represent some classy looking diamond necklaces here.

– Rings and Locket Sets: here you can see extremely beautifully antique looking extra huge rings and wedding lockets in the same time. These forms and shapes are really unconventional for the viewer yet elegant and marvellous in the same time. Of course, many of the collection contain highly wearable pieces of outstandingly crafted jewels.

– Naqrah 925 Silver Jewellery: This is a great antique-looking highly chiselled collection of silver and yellow silver collection of beautiful necklace-earring sets on most of which you would not even notice that they are made of silver.

– Bracelets and Lockets: this part of the collection featured some great traditional antique gold bracelets each one of them looks beautiful. The locket part features the headwear that Indian women too wear quite often with the locket decorating their forehead in a greatly elegant wear. Other types of locket pass onto the head and hair in a different way. It is also a must-see collection.

– Chains: the chains for ARY Jewellery also mirror the typical Indian fashion. The chains can be worn on both around the neck or around the waist too. All of them a made of high quality gold.

– Earrings and Tops: According to Indian traditional wedding jewellery, there are huge earrings and an extra type of earring that is here called tops, which are to decorate the largest part of the ear. The tops and earrings are highly artistic, never featuring not any boring sets.

– Bangles: these highly Indian style bangles are specifically those that are most often worn by Indian women in multiple numbers. All of them are great works of art!

– Gold bars: ARY Jewellery cooperated with the financial institution called Millat in cooperation with whom it is dealing with gold bars as well. These are sold in different size and weight.

ARY Jewellery is known for the most versatile collection of its own. From classic elegance to the traditional bridal collection, the finest material can be witnessed in every collection. The brand in gold souk majorly deals with diamonds and gold and is known for providing exciting packages especially in the best shopping seasons. In its top shopping season the company eliminate the making factor from the jewellery and presents the most reasonable gold items in the market. The famous outlet of ARY Jewellery in gold souk is providing a healthy competition to the other numerous brands present in this gold rich market.

ARY Jewellery mainly deals in traditional jewellery as well as has remarkable collection of bullions that has been preferred by many visitors coming to Dubai in search of reasonable gold as it turn out to be a good investment for future. The diamond collection is a beautiful blend of gold and this precious stone while the abstract designing stands for the latest vintage style collection. From bracelets to the delicate rings, each diamond is placed with extraordinary care. The pure gold of Millat gold bar stands for a unique shopping experience in terms of gold investment. The gold bars of ARY Jewellery are known for their pure and reliable collection.

The royal collection of bridal jewellery is an absolute charm for the big day. Each item is designed to keep the perfect momentary experience in mind. The large sets of bridal jewellery from ARY Jewellery not only display the richness of gold but has precious stone embellished in it to create an amazing look. From traditional designing to the urban trendy sets, it gets hard to make the choices behind the lavishing windows of the store. The huge necklaces surely add a remarkable elegance in gold souk. There are small sets also available for semi-formal collection in ARY Jewellery.

ARY Jewellery is now introducing silver jewellery that has an eye-catching collection of silver metal in combination with precious stones and diamonds. One of the superb items of the collection includes the pearl presented with style in silver metal. The Naqra collection has combined the delicate pearl with sophisticated designs in silver. Although gold souk majorly deals with gold jewellery, the brand has the honour of introducing variety in gold market. From heavy bridal jewellery to light casual jewellery each item displays the immense expertise of its craftsmen. The skilled craftsmen at store are available for making any amendments in the jewellery item.

As you can see ARY Jewellery deals with lots of different sorts of jewelry types and the most outstanding categories here include their Antique type of jewellery sets, especially their highly artistic Bridal sets which reflect the effects of both Indian and Persian Muslim culture. Once you are in Dubai, you shouldn’t miss visiting ARY Jewellery’s showroom in the Gold Souk, its definitely one of the most beautiful in Dubai.

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