Atlas Diamond Necklaces

Dubai is the capital of jewellery in the Middle East and its overall importance in the international jewellery, gold and loose gemstone trading has been dynamically growing. Therefore, we can say that as of today, Dubai is one of the major players when it comes to jewellery trading. Dubai is a great place for everyone wanting to buy quality jewellery and knowing this, the emirate puts a special importance on growing its tourism in this direction. Year by year, millions of tourists arrive in the country of UAE and most of these end up buying at least one jewel. In our article, we will explore the great diamond necklace collections of Atlas Jewellery, which is one of the biggest Dubai jewellery brands.

Atlas jewellery is one of the oldest, traditional brands of Dubai. While primarily making its collections following the footsteps of Indian jewellery craftsmen Atlas does its best to keep up with today’s standards, when it comes to jewellery and offers many of its jewellery collections also in white gold these years. Atlas today offers three main groups of jewellery: gold, diamond and coloured gemstones. In real, there is no jewellery, which you would not be able to find at Atlas Jewellery, which also has some of the largest clientele in Dubai.

Atlas Jewellery offers outstanding diamond necklace collections for its customers. Being among the largest brands of the emirate, you can be sure the quality at Atlas is guaranteed. Let us see the diamond necklace collections Atlas offers:

CALISTA: offering beautiful and avant-garde necklace sets made out of white or rose gold, this is a great collection for the modern woman, also to wear during the day. Diamond necklace sets of Calista usually contain the necklace itself and an additional pair of earrings.

CANDRII: mirroring the style of India, this is a highly oriental style collection, offering big necklace sets with earrings made out of white and yellow gold, containing lots of decorations, forms and shapes, for special occasions and weddings.

CITY OF GOLD: this collection is for tourists, offering some of Dubai’s signature architectural attractions in form of a diamond pendant made out of yellow gold. Here, you can find Bur Dubai or the Palm Jumeirah Island complex.

IRIS: this collection is similar to Candrii containing beautiful jewellery collections made out of gold and diamond, inspired by the shape of Iris and other flowers this diamond necklace collection is intended for very special occasions and weddings.

MAAHI: if we should name the real signature collection of Atlas Jewellery, then Maahi should definitely be the one. Offering heart-shaped diamond necklaces the specialty of Maahi is, that the diamond hearts are in face detachable and this way can be worn by two people.

SYAMANTHAKA: A highly artistic collection of Atlas Jewellery, belonging to the range of exclusive diamond necklace collections for weddings and special occasions. The art pieces represent flowers in different shapes and forms.

We hope that we could represent you the beautiful diamond jewellery collections of Atlas Jewellery. The brand does not only have outstanding diamond necklace models but also offers jewellery for great prices. Check out the collections of Atlas Jewellery in the Dubai Gold Souk in Rigga and in Karama districts.

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