Avari Hotel Apartments

Avari Hotel Apartments Al Barsha belongs to the Pakistani Hotel Group called Avari, being a family owned company with several hotels in Pakistan and two high-class hotels in Dubai already. Avari Hotel Apartments Al Barsha is a fine five star category hotel with a fortunate location and many attractive services, which make it outstanding.

Avari Hotel Apartments Al Barsha as we can guess out of its name is located in Al Barsha, being one of the best known new hotel district of Dubai, which is the name of the newest area where today’s most building wonders and skyscrapers can be found. This area is located in-between the Old Dubai Town and the Jebel Ali district, which used to be a separate village until about ten years ago, when the growing Dubai had reached it and today it is considered the new area of Dubai. For this reason, Al Barsha district offers the closeness of several great attractions:

– Jumeirah Beach – Around half an hour walk averagely, the most famous beaches of Dubai.

Wild Wadi Water Park – Dubai’s best-known water park with the second longest slide in the world.

– Madinat Jumeirah – A great fairy tale like complex with lots of shops, restaurants, bars, discos.

Burj Al Arab – The famous top hotel that you can see on anything advertising Dubai. It is known as the world’s one and only seven star hotel

– Sheikh Zayed Road – Dubai’s most popular road along which you can get just anywhere in Dubai. Outside Dubai, it leads toward Abu Dhabi, which is about an hour drive from Dubai. The metro line also runs here and the road is really worth visiting in the downtown area for all the great attractions that can be seen beside it.

Mall of the Emirates – The second biggest exclusive shopping centre of Dubai. The mall is close to being the same famous as the Dubai Mall, with the high number of its shops, its great outlook and services and the high number of hotels being close to it, in the Al Barsha district.

Avari Hotel indeed has a nice relaxed location within the Al Barsha district. It is indeed very close to the Mall of the Emirates and with it, to the Mall of the Emirates 2 Metro station as well. The Avari Hotel Apartments is a great choice for those who would like to explore the city itself a bit more than its beaches. It has 74 one-bedroom apartments and 4 two-bedroom ones. The good thing in the Avari Hotel Apartments is the closeness of the Lulu Supermarket to the hotel and also, that while being in a strong 4 star category hotel, you can still stay at an apartment and can cook and eat whatever and anytime you would like to. Among the services of the Avari, include swimming pool terrace, Jacuzzi and steam bath, sauna and gym in the same place. You can get a free shuttle to the Mall of the Emirates or to the Dubai International Airport if you would like to. The whole hotel is stylishly furnished and the rooms are big as well. All apartments have a kitchenette with toaster, microwave and most of the things you would need during cooking. Although TV is promised but sometimes if not delivered, try to fix this by the time of your reservation.

Avari Hotel Apartments is a cosy hotel with friendly prices for your budget. Its closeness to the centre and Dubai Mall of the Emirates makes it a great apartment hotel. Overall, Avari Hotel Apartments is very competent place.

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