Average Salary in Dubai

Salary has always been a topic, which is not too nice or polite to discuss. That is the same with Dubai salary. If you see a Dubai ad, you will not see any salary nowhere, no matter how many ads you will see through. They won’t write down salaries, so you have to find another way to explore how are the salaries in Dubai and how much exactly can you earn with any sort of activities. We will see some of the basic Dubai jobs and Dubai job salaries; also, we will go through the basic costs of living in Dubai too.

Dubai salary can be predicted quite hardly. Even those few sites dealing with Dubai salary cannot tell a basic sum but two sums in-between the actual salary will range. The salary depends on so many factors, like on the experience of the candidate and depends on the actual workplace and the opinion of the boss. That is why; a salary can range between 1000 and 3000 Dirham even.

Let us see some sort of basic jobs which expats might have a chance to get without any very specific knowledge or certificate. A waiter’s job ranges between 700 and 3000 Dirham per month. It all depends on the actual workplace of course. If you go to a smaller restaurant, it may happen that your salary will not be more than 700 Dirham, which is quite a low sum in Dubai making for someone close to, be impossible to live out of it. 3000 is closer to be enough but only if you live together with 3-4 other people. The salary of housekeeping staff’s general ranges from 1000 to 2000 Dirham. The good thing is if you can find a hotel where you can also stay at, in that case, you can live out of this salary, but saving will be difficult.

If we take women’s jobs, the salary of a hairdresser or a beauty assistant ranges from 1500 to 4500 Dirham, also depending on the place of work. Good quality hotel spas will probably pay a lot more for beauty experts. Education pays off very well. If you can go to a local school to teach language for example, then you can even make between AED 3500 -5500, which is the normal salary out of which you can live cosily and even can save up a little. Nurses have a good salary ranging between AED 4000 to AED 7500 monthly. This counts as a great salary, so if you have experience in nursing then you have a bright chance to make a happy life in Dubai.

The luckiest are engineers though as their salaries range from AED 8500 to even 24000 monthly depending on their experience and their way of studies of course. Those who plan to work at constructions or with any construction related companies can expect the lowest salaries though. That is why mostly Indians who work at constructions. The only good way of payment is to be telecommunications installer, for example of telephone lines as their salary can go up to AED 2900 even.

Talking a bit about the costs of living in Dubai, a general apartment costs around AED 2500/3000 monthly. Most people find cheap accommodation in the Indian Karama and Al Rigga districts of Dubai, or outer districts. The average food expenses for a month are around AED 400-600. This means that a good Dubai salary should start from AED 4500 in case you live only with one or two more flatmates. In case you do not need to pay for flat, then even AED 2500 is a nice Dubai salary from which you can save up a little gradually.

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