Handbags of Balenciaga in Dubai

Balenciaga is a big name in the international fashion world. The Spanish brand, revived in 1986 stands as one of the top Parisian fashion brands as of today. Balenciaga is famous for its beautiful evening dresses and gowns and accessories, which have given a new line in handbag designing. Balenciaga today is absolutely French led, yet it partly preserves its origins too. Balenciaga items are sold in all the important cities of the world by label stores and retailers. Let us see where to find Balenciaga handbags in Dubai.

Balenciaga is operating since the 1920’s. It started up in Spain by Cristóbal Balenciaga and then moved to Paris, because of the Civil War in Spain. Interestingly the company has always been against the main Chamber of Fashion and therefore they did not get the licence to be able to deal with haute couture creations, but that did not stop Balenciaga to grow out to be one of the most popular fashion designers up to the late Sixties. The company was taken over and renewed in 1986 when a French company bought it to revive it. Balenciaga today operated from Paris and still belongs to the most popular fashion brands of France. We can get to find Balenciaga all over the world for this reason. Out of its collections, especially the Balenciaga handbags have become extremely popular. Their new-art model, the Lariat was inspired by motorcycles and brought a very interesting new shape into the world of handbags. Today, Balenciaga is especially famous in the United States and in Asia where it has recently opened 5-6 boutiques all of them in China and Hong Kong.

Balenciaga has quite a colourful collection and especially its handbags are those that are quite popular as it’s accessories. The brand today is extremely famous. Being part of the Gucci Group today, the brand mirrors eternal style and elegance. Under the leadership of Nicholas Ghesquiére, the brand today is unique yet classy in the same time. If you are looking for Balenciaga handbags in Dubai, you will find an extreme variety of handbags in all size and all colours. In Dubai the brand has no label store but its items are sold at various places such as the Harvey Nichols Dubai located in the Mall of the Emirates and at the Emirates Towers Boulevard. Besides, Balenciaga is widely available to be bought online.

They may not be the best available brands in Dubai but in the Harvey Nichols, you will find a great variety of Balenciaga pieces. As they have recently opened their label stores in both Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, we can expect Balenciaga to open its own label store in Dubai soon. Balenciaga pieces are not low priced as you may guess of a top brand, but if you arrive in Dubai during one of the shopping festivals then you can get them for a better discount.

Balenciaga collections have the rare quality to be extremely stylish yet not extravagant in the same time, you can wear them with any garment basically, from modern to elegant. In Dubai, Balenciaga handbags are pretty popular and sold very well.

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