Hermes Handbags in Dubai

If you are into high-style, then it’s absolutely impossible that you don’t know Hermés. One of the most luxurious brands in the world Hermés has very hard quality standards and they refuse to use any machines for the producing of their goods. Once you purchase any items from Hermés you can be absolutely sure that the quality is the best, that the item is handmade and that your item is therefore the only one it exists in the world. That’s what made Hermés handbags also internationally famous. Worn by several celebrities there aren’t many who can ever afford a Hermés handbag. So let’s get to know a bit more about them and the whole brand of Hermés.

Hermés is one of the oldest brands, which still exists and apart from the new age. The company is still family held and sticks with its standards and that is what make the Hermés brand world famous. The heritage of Hermés is kept in its logo featuring a duc carriage with a horse and tells a lot about the history of Hermés which was set up in the beginning of 1800’s by Monsieur Hermés who dealt with the production of high quality harnesses and saddles for horse -riding. Their high quality has soon become so famous that they have started to receive more and more requests from royal families from all over Europe. It was much later when Hermés has realised that leather ware can be made famous also in different ways. Of course change was inevitable with the disappearing of the horses from the streets. The first Hermés handbag which will be named Kelly Bag in the future was designed in 1922. The dynamic growth in women’s apparel than came with Hermés opening its stores on the French Riviera and in the United States. Other important products of Hermés the silk scarves and ties were already produced this time. The riding jacket of Hermés remains one important milestone in the French fashion history.

The brand is still the most known of its eternal elegance and its designs are often results of inspiration of paintings, houses and other art objects. The Hermés handbags and luggage items have always been the centre of attention. Each Hermés handbag is handmade still today. Due to the exclusivity of the handbags, those who order a Kelly bag must wait for half a year because of the finding, delivery and preparation of the most perfect leather. The other world famous Hermés bag is called Constance bag. The next Hermés bag earning huge fame was the Birkin Bag named after British movie star Jane Birkin. The handbag was named after her because the Birkin Bag is a direct result with her meeting with Hermés owner and main designer Jean Louis Dumas who, for the request of the actress has redesigned the Kelly bag especially according to her needs.

Hermés handbags : the Birkin, the Constance and the Kelly bags are among the most expensive handbags in the world. Nevertheless all of the superstars have or want at least one of these legendary pieces and this is what keeps these beautiful bags still among the most famous handbags in the world. In Dubai you can find Hermés store in the huge Dubai Mall and in the BurJuman Shopping Mall. The great brand is also very famous for its Touareg jewellery and of its high quality watches too, which are sold by Seddiqi and Sons in Dubai. Apart from the most famous handbags Hermés of course deals with dozens of other different styles of handbags and their tableware, porcelain and fashion items are world famous as well. The designer of Hermés since the Nineties is the famous French designer Jean Paul Gaultier whose fresh designs have certainly helped Hermés to stay up to date and its creations are classic and beautiful all in all. The website of Hermés is incredibly unique and fun in the same time and its more than worth visiting.

Hermés collections are not sold outside of thier own stores. Find the beautiful handmade products of Hermés in Dubai, and if you are lucky and arrive during a discount period, you can get lucky to buy one of the ever classy Hermés handbags.

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