Burberry Handbags in Dubai

Burberry’s trademark tartan pattern is among the highest copied patterns ever in handbags, clothes, scarves and other accessories. The British brand is the sole UK brand which is featured among the top brands of the world and this can largely be thanked to their trademark Burberry tartan pattern. Burberry handbags are bought by mainly Japanese as the brand with its exclusivity and classic forms is just perfect for Japanese ladies. The brand has also become extremely popular in the United States and in the United Arab Emirates too. Today Dubai features multiple stores of Burberry and their Burberry handbags are also sold at various department stores.

Today Burberry sports multiple brands among which we can find Burberry Prorsum aiming the younger generation and several collections were released under the brand name Thomas Burberry too although this line is diminishing today. The UK brand was founded in 1856 by Thomas Burberry who was originally a draper and he has created his own material which is known as gabardine and which is still widely used for the Burberry handbags, wallets and purses. Burberry has temporarily shifted to the name Burberry’s of London for a while before returning back to being simply Burberry. Their logo is an Equestrian Knight which is seen on all of their products. Burberry’s accessories are pretty large-scale, ranging from scarves and umbrellas till Burberry handbags and other leather goods such as shoes, purses, wallets. The Burberry jackets made with the use of water proof gabardine were worn by several world famous explorers such as Ernest Shackleton and Amudsen in their expeditions. Their special aviation garments were also very famous in the end of 1800s and in the beginning of the 1900’s.

Burberry, such as Louis Vuitton likes to use celebrities for their campaigns but they use only British celebrities such as Emma Watson, Kate Moss and Agyness Deyn to name some of the most popular of their models. Other Burberry branches include the Burberry London and the Burberry Brit which is the main label of the brand. Burberry Sport m Burberry Black Label and Burberry Blue labels are newly found brand which exist temporarily.

As we know Burberry handbags can thank their huge success to the trademark tartan pattern of the brand so hereby we represent you with Burberry’s main tartan patterns:

– Haymarket: the classic Burberry tartan with Burberry Equestrian Knight
– House: The same tartan pattern without Burberry Equestrian Knight
– Nova: This is the newest version of Burberry tartan injecting some more colours into the tartan pattern: Nova tartan features cream/tan background with vertical and horizontal black and pink/red stripes
– Supernova: This is the same pattern as the tartan featured by the smaller Nova Check but it represents much bigger checks which on a normal Burberry handbag or cloth will not feature one whole check as its too big for it.
– Exploded: This is a novelty of Burberry featuring the classic tartan with metallic colours. This you can see in mainly the evening collections of Burberry.

In Dubai, you can find Burberry’s flagship store in the Dubai Mall. Apart from this, the collection is sold in the Bur Juman Shopping Mall. Burberry handbags and accessories are sold in the Saks Fifth Avenue and Harvey Nichols stores too. Saks is located within the BurJuman Shopping Mall while Harvey Nichols is part of the Mall of the Emirates.

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