Barclays Bank in Dubai

Barclays Bank is one of the biggest international banks in the world based in London England. Barclays Bank operates in the world’s 50 countries in every continent of the world with the exception of Latin America. According to the statistics, the bank is the 10th on the list of the biggest international banks. Barclays Bank United Arab Emirates branch is located in Dubai and it’s been working in the Middle East since 1974.

Next to Dubai, Barclays Bank operates a branch also in Abu Dhabi, the capital city of the United Arab Emirates. Among its services, we can find everything from normal account management to the wealth and personalised management to its biggest clients and investors. Barclays Bank UAE is mainly targeting the large investors, the high revenue-businesses and the high profile individual clientele. The two main branches within Barclays Bank include the Corporate and Investment Banking and the Wealth Management unit and the Global Retail Banking units. The Corporate and Investment Banking and Wealth Management centres include the units of Barclays Capital, which deals with the investments, the Barclays Corporate which includes the commercial banking operations and the Barclays Wealth sectors. The unites under the Global Retail Banking cluster include Barclaycard which deals with credit cards and loans, Barclays Africa , UK Retail Banking and the Western Europe Retail Banking.

The overall services offered by the UAE offices of Barclays Bank include retail banking, premiere banking and corporate banking, Barclaycard, Barclays Capital and Barclays Wealth. Retail banking services of Barclays Bank includes the normal banking procedures with savings, loans and mortgages. Premiere Banking services are for the exceptionally high profile clients and Barclay Capital is specialised in providing services and investments for governments, governmental and federal institutes with the full arsenal of every necessary financial services.

Barclays Bank offers all sorts of individual account possibilities, loans and mortgage possibilities, credit cards, insurances, investment possibilities together with business loans. The ATMs of Barclays Bank first started to work with fingerprint identification system. The Premier and Premier Life services of Barclays for were introduced in 2008 thanks to the request of several customers. The Dubai and Abu Dhabi offices of Barclays also concentrate on business and corporate banking. Barclays Wealth services include the private banking services for the semi-high and high profile Dubai and Abu Dhabi clients that include investment management, fiduciary and brokerage services.

Other banking services of Barclays Bank UAE include personal instalment loans, all sorts of mortgages, call and fixed deposits, trade finance services. Risk management solutions of Barclays Bank should be highlighted. These include foreign exchange risk advisory, interest rate risk advisory, floating rate notes and also Barclays has adapted the Islamic Banking too, in order to attract high profile Islamic clients. The Islamic Banking services include swaps and deposits, commodity management, risk advisories, credit derivatives, economic research services. The office of Barclays Bank United Arab Emirates can be found in Dubai, in the Emaar Business Park on the Sheikh Zayed Road.

Barclays Bank is one of the few banks that did not yet decreased its financial services of the United Arab Emirates yet, if you are not a higher-profile potential client then don’t hope to become the account holder of Barclays Bank.

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