Beautiful Ruby Necklaces in Dubai

Ruby is one of the most special gemstones on the jewellery market. Ruby is also very famous to be used included in jewellery especially in female jewellery. Being the basic coloured gemstone that comes with a distinctive red colour, ruby is hard to find in its natural form therefore its value is actually close to the value of mid-priced diamonds. In this article, we would like to represent you to some of the key jewelleries in Dubai that like to include ruby in their collections together with the introducing to some of their most beautiful ruby necklace sets.

Ruby, thanks to its beautiful red colour is often represented as the gemstone that best represents love in jewellery. The beautiful red stone stands out, no matter its included in classic or white gold, it looks fantastic with platinum and silver as well, as the white light of the former makes the stone to stand out even more. Ruby is mainly mined in Asia, especially in Thailand and South-East Asia.

Ruby necklace for those wanting to buy Ruby for the importance of it as a birthstone: as per the birthstone calendars user most commonly, Ruby represents the months December, July and August. Thanks to this, it is quite often bought as a birthday present to those born in these three months. Ruby necklace looks great no matter if it is featuring one single stone or a multitude of gemstones that also include ruby. Let’s take a look at some of the best brands in Dubai which offer beautiful ruby necklaces

Atlas Jewellery: Atlas is one of the most successful brands in Dubai offering high quality gold, diamond and coloured gemstone jewellery for its customers. You can spot Ruby in several collections of Atlas featuring beautiful Indian style golden ruby necklaces, with ruby being present in some of its diamond creations as well. Its Fulki collection, which specifically offers coloured gemstones for the clients, has some of the most spectacular pieces of ruby necklaces. Atlas represents ruby with classic yellow gold.

Damas Jewellery: Having some of the biggest collections of Dubai, Damas has multiple collections offering coloured gemstones with their jewellery. You can spot lots of jewellery that includes ruby especially in their Farfasha collection. Damas also offers about a dozen international brands many of which include rubies in their items.

Joyalukkas Jewellery: Joyalukkas, being one of the most popular jewellery brands in both India and Dubai naturally takes great care of customers wanting to buy ruby necklace or other sorts of ruby jewellery. Take a look at their Ratna collection which features beautiful rich necklaces with rubies.

Al Liali Jewellery: The popular Al Liali jewellery features coloured gemstone, such as ruby necklace and all sorts of jewellery, representing ruby as a birthstone on the first place.

Samra Jewellery: Samra features mainly white gold and diamond jewellery, yet in some of its collections it features rubies as an extre decoration to their diamonds.

These are of course some of the choices for you among so many! If you go to places as the Dubai Gold Souk, you will surely get lost among the countless jewellery that features their goods there. Once you find a great ruby necklace for you, always ensure that you get a certificiate along with your gemstones included in the necklace.

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