Being Single in Dubai

There are more and more Dubai singles, thanks to the extreme numbers of immigration to the country most people who come to work here leave their families at home for a couple of years, sometimes even for a longer time. Therefore, there are many singles but all this is so different in Dubai, or in any other Muslim countries, where it is easier to be single as men and women should not interact with each other so the chances are quite limited.

So what can Dubai singles do if we take that all of them are expats about whom we are talking about? Well mostly men get work in Dubai. The explanation is easy. Women must take care of the children usually and as it is a Muslim state, mainly men get work in Dubai. It’s also men whose life is a lot easier in Dubai being single, as for Western women it’s very hard to adapt to the local customs, such as women can’t smoke shisha, it is not advised for women to go alone to restaurants and mainly cafés, the visiting of most of which are the privileges of men. Clothing is also harder for women to adapt. Local men would find ordinary Western clothing more than liberal, so it is highly advised for women not to wear nothing skinny, no skinny tops or trousers, everything should be big what they wear, in order to cover their bodies. In the Muslim societies, men and women do not really go to many places together. It is normal for women to spend her time with other women, wives or moms and men hang out with their friends a lot. Women wanting to go everywhere with men, as in Western societies is not really accepted by Dubai locals and there are many things, that stop women from doing so.

Men and women are not allowed to bathe or swim together either at most places even in many hotels. Not covering hair for Western women is more or less ok luckily though. Thanks to most of these big differences in how women should behave or dress, there are the Western living complexes today, because only this way can any non-Muslim females adapt to Dubai. As in the change of laws regarding the thousands of Dubai singles being Filipino women who come to Dubai to work in households, it is not allowed for non-married men or for those who live alone to have any female housekeeper anymore. Dubai singles if they are men though can do really, whatever they want, they can go anywhere and they are allowed to dress in shorts, although too skinny tops are not advised to wear neither for them. However, they can go to bars, discos, nightclubs and cafés so anywhere, which is not reserved for women. Other facts on men being Dubai singles is that its men who can work very hard and who can save up better in Dubai.

These are all the reasons why Dubai singles are men who live in Dubai alone or with other flatmates in order to save up. Out of Indians and Pakistanis there are thousands of local singles who live apart from their families for a very long time.

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