How To Start Dating in Dubai

Before learning about the Dubai dating, you must learn a bit about the Islamic system of the emirate of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. It’s worth knowing that in the Saudi Arabian peninsula, Dubai is by far the most liberal, in terms of the Sharia laws yet they are there so you better know about them, before feeling too much at home in Dubai to forget about them. Dubai is a great cosmopolitan city yet breaking the rules may result in you taken to prison. In this article, we would like you to know some basic Dubai laws that follow the Islamic Sharia laws considering Dubai dating and living together laws.

When thinking of Dubai dating and relationship rules, please note that Dubai as part of the United Arab Emirates is located on the Saudi Arabian peninsula, which is held as the holy Islamic territory in whole. Dubai’s neighbour is the huge Saudi Arabia that keeps all Sharia laws, which have resulted in international protesting movements. According to Islamic Sharia laws, two people of the opposite sex cannot even stay together in one room, cannot sit together in a car unless they are relatives.

Pair of the opposite sex cannot live together, cannot date the same according to Dubai dating rules as in the European or Western sense of dating, unless they are married. Although luckily in Dubai there is no morality police (Mutawwa) as in Saudi Arabia, the Sharia laws are taken seriously also in Dubai although they are not investigated in such depth, unless someone reports a case to the police. In Dubai if you are a Westerner, you cannot date with a Muslim man or women in the European terms of dating. There is no hand holding for example and you cannot hug or kiss each other in public. Even for Westerners the rules apply and as so, even tourists should not forget about these Dubai dating rules. Even a Western couple is restricted to live together without being married; so, if you are going out with someone of different nationality, it is easier to call him or her husband or wife, for locals to accept you. You cannot even stay in the same hotel room in Dubai if you are not married and if you are married its better to take your marriage certificate with you, in order for the hotel to let you stay together in one room.

The local dating and relationship rules may be hard for foreigners to understand. While opposing these rules may cost ones to get in prison in Saudi Arabia locals when caught by the morality police may even face death sentence. In Dubai, many people of the different sex live together in houses or bigger flats, because of the high prices of the rentals within the city, which are very hard for anyone to pay. If there is no trouble by the locals, because of parties or because of the presence of alcohol, then you can get by, living together with more people of the different sex. Dubai dating is not easy, but at least it is highly respected which helps people to avoid troubles before marriage.

It is very important to learn, that Dubai dating rules apply for foreigners too. In some Arabic countries, men and women, one of whom is Muslim are not allowed to walk or go out if there are only the two of them. A Muslim woman can get in serious trouble when seen with a foreigner man alone. These laws are harsh but may be kept in order not to destroy someone’s prestige or not to cause even a bigger trouble.

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