Bloomingdales in Dubai

Bloomingdales department store is a first international store that was incorporated in Dubai, United Arab Emirates on February 01, 2010. It is very beautifully constructed. Services of a top construction firm were taken for its construction. It takes 2 and half years in construction. It was incorporated as a result of a joint venture between Al Tayer Insignia LLC and Macy’s; Inc. its managing authority is Al Tayer Insignia. This group is well established in United Arab Emirates. The group is also running so many other business projects in UAE as well in western countries. Al Tayer Insignia is also focusing on this extension. They are also planning to open other shopping malls in United Arab Emirate and in outside world.

Bloomingdales is one of the most popular shopping centres of the United States. There are hundreds of Bloomingdales all over the North American continent, because the fashion items of Bloomingdale’s are quite attractive, and they are really for everyone. If you are in Dubai, you have the chance to go shopping in the local Bloomingdale’s, all you need to do is to visit one shopping mall, which houses this famous department store. Dubai is a great spot for storing and offering the best-quality goods in the world.

Moreover, this shopping mall, where Bloomingdales is built is really far from being an ordinary shopping mall either. This shopping mall is the Dubai Mall, which is by far the biggest shopping centre in the world. Located in the New Dubai area in the Burj Dubai district, which is also extremely popular a spot, because of the highest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa and the biggest and most beautiful fountain system in the world, the Dubai Fountain, which plays music and has fantastic light performances in the evening hours every day.

The Dubai Bloomingdales has its own website which offers some handy information on the offers and also on the opening hours, check out especially the Fridays, as Friday in a Muslim country such as is Dubai, is the Muslim Sunday, so many shops are not open or only partially in the second half of the day. All of you, who have already been to a Bloomingdale’s know how huge is the offer there, from fashion items for men, women and children, lingerie and underwear collections for every age and what more, Bloomingdale’s staff can offer you a shopping service, which is like a personal shopper, a stylist who decides what suits you the best. Maybe it sounds crazy, but it is a fact that changes in clothing and appearance does well with many, men and women.

Bloomingdale also have an interior design section where you can see many great furniture, and good ideas on how to plan or rearrange your interiors at your home. One of the great services of Bloomingdale’s are the order possibilities, which also comes with delivery options, the other is that next to ordering, you can also have it wrapped for being a great gift for your family members or friends. So, do not hesitate to see the website of Bloomingdales as there you can see the daily discounts and the many discounted offers and possibilities. This store is really for those, who not only likes quality but also likes good, appealing designs with a hint of romance or wildness. The woman’s collection varies from season to season, but there are also sections storing the best office suites, and the most beautiful gowns and cocktail dresses for going out in the evening.

Bloomingdales department store is an international shopping centre. Only branded products are traded in the mall. As we know, Dubai is an international city. It is a tourist resort as well. More than fifty percent of Dubai’s population consists of people having nationalities of other countries. Mostly Asians live in huge numbers in which Indian and Pakistani people are in majority. People from the West are also settled in Dubai. Dubai is no more a cultural city. Bloomingdales department store was incorporated keeping in mind this particular reason. Local products are mostly preferable by local residents but branded products are acceptable worldwide. In Bloomingdales department store, you will find only branded products such as branded handbags, jewellery, clothes, shoes, perfumes, eyewear, electronic appliances, fashion accessories and so many more items, which are not possible to write it over here.

In Bloomingdales department store, Category wise portions are made which makes shopping very easy. Portion of children and adults are separate. Adult’s portion is further divided into two categories. One is for women and other is for men. Prices in Bloomingdales are comparatively cheaper as compared to others. Foreigners are mostly visit to the market because Bloomingdales is specifically made for them. This Dubai mall is also facilitated with international restaurants and cafes. You can enjoy shopping with best dinning. Special arrangements are made in the mall for dining. You can enjoy dining in and outside the restaurants. An open court is available where you can sit and have some entertainment and relaxation in a peaceful environment. Beautiful illumination is making the whole atmosphere very pleasant. Wonderful seating arrangements area made with a beautiful white marble-made fountain. People usually come in evening with friends and families.

Bloomingdales remains open six days a week. Friday is an official holiday. The management of the mall is taking a serious responsibility of its cleanliness and safety. Proper security arrangements are made in and outside the mall. Parking facilities in the mall are also a significant feature of Bloomingdales. Entry in the mall is free. You are just asked to prove your identity on the entrance. Security cameras are installed everywhere. A mosque is also established in the mall for Muslims. Washrooms and fresh water coolers for the public are recently installed.

So, once you are in Dubai, do not hesitate to drop into the Bloomingdales. This store is great to visit, especially if there is no Bloomingdale’s in your area. You can also compare the prices, which can slightly differ, but it is for you to see if they are higher, lower or by any chance similar.

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