Burj Nahar

When it comes to the cultural exploration in Dubai, there are several sites to visit. If you would ask any locals what else to see in Dubai that is both historical and beautiful, then with the historical importance, they would for sure come up with a visit to the very popular Burj Nahar. Burj in the Arabic means tower, out of which we can already note that Burj Nahar is indeed a tower.

What a tower is Burj Nahar! Burj Nahar was build around the year 1870 and naturally as every historical site found in Dubai, it has been renovated in order to give back and to preserve its original look. The renovations ended in 1992. Ever since Burj Nahar, which is to be found in Deira, one of the main Medina or old-town districts where most of the cultural treasures of Dubai can be found, out of which the Burj Nahar is one highly visited historical attraction.

As we can expect, while looking back in history, the original reason of the building of Burj Nahar was a defensive reason. As the history of most countries in this world, the history of the Dubai region is also packed with wars and several other political conflicts with its neighbouring countries or nations.

The Arabic people have traditionally been raised to be ready to go to war anytime when there was the need or the reason for it. The Holy Prophet Mohammed, who was the one and only gifted by Allah to get authorisation to put the words of Allah in writing, into a book today called the Holy Quran, which is ever since the most important book for every Muslims all around the world, was also a warrior, dedicated to fights the enemies of his nation.

The Burj Nahar was built together with other two towers, as said before, for defensive reasons. It serves as a watchtower. From the Medieval Ages, this has been serving many nations to see if there is any enemy or stranger approaches the town. The widely used European town walls with their watchtowers were built for exactly the same reasons. The Burj Nahar was to guide the Easter directions. The other two towers, which have unfortunately ceased to exist ages ago, were to guide the other two key-directions south and north.

Today, Burj Nahar serves the most peaceful reason. It gives a beautiful view for the tourist to the Deira district and most importantly to the beautiful Deira Gardens, which is surrounding the elegant Burj Nahar Tower with its beautiful wide variety of colourful flowers, representing the so popular Arabic style of gardens. One can spend hours here, relaxing in the shadow of a palm tree, enjoying the relaxed time this garden has to offer to its visitors.

In addition, as we are in Deira, it is guaranteed that there is at least one beautiful souk near the Burj Nahar, in case we would get hungry. Burj Nahar is really one of the most beautiful cultural sites of Dubai.

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